Student Newsletter

The Be Well Buzz is our monthly newsletter for UC Berkeley students! It comes out once a month during the academic year and highlights our latest news, updates, and events.

Latest News

Spring 2024

  • May 2024 - SHIP waiver period, mental health, break reminders, and more!
  • April 2024 - Stress Awareness, Cannabis Harm Reduction, HOF Reminder and more! 
  • March 2024 - Comms Survey, Prep for Daylight Saving Time, Immunization Records, and more!
  • February 2024 - Pet Hugs, Group Counseling, Making Friends, and more!
  • January 2024 - Self Care, Health Opportunity Fund, Financial Wellness, HPV vaccine, and more!

Fall 2023

  • December 2023 - End of Year Closure Dates, Spring 2024 SHIP Waiver, RRR Week Tips, and more!
  • November 2023 - Daylight Saving Time reminder, Light Therapy, Flu and COVID vaccines, Night Safety, and more!
  • October 2023 - Flu Shot Clinics, Group Counseling, Partying Safe on Halloween, and more!
  • September 2023 - Upcoming Events, Fall Schedule, Health Opportunity Fund (HOF), and more!

Newsletter Archive

Spring 2023

  • May 2023 - RRR Week, SHIP waiver, student survey, and more!
  • April 2023 - Pet Hugs, Stress Management, Cannabis Harm Reduction, and more!
  • March 2023 - HOF reminder, sleeping soundly, body diversity, and more! 
  • February 2023 - Black History Month, UHS Town Hall, Tips for Making Friends, and more!
  • January 2023 -  Start the new year with a self-care plan!

Fall 2022

  • December 2022 - RRR Week tips, SHIP waiver, winter break reminders, and more.
  • November 2022 - Upcoming Events, Cooking Challenge, Exercise is Medicine, and more.
  • October 2022 - Fall is officially here! Tips for a safe Halloween, UHS resource spotlight, and more.
  • September 2022 - Welcome back! COVID updates, eating on a college budget, and more.

Spring 2022

  • May 2022:  Tips for RRR Week, Summer Break Reminders, Stress Management Tips, SHIP Waiver, and more.
  • April 2022: Gift card giveaway! Plus Do You Week, SHIP updates, and more.
  • March 2022: Happy Women's History Month! Super Fast Superfoods, Sleep Tips, and more.
  • February 2022: Happy Valentine's Day! COVID Booster Clinic Dates, Upcoming Events, and more.
  • January 2022: Happy New Year! SHIP Waiver Reminder, COVID Booster Clinic Dates, Upcoming Events, and more. 

Fall 2021

  • December 2021: SHIP Waiver Period, Flu Shots, RRR Week, and more!
  • November 2021:  Flu Shot Mandate, Holiday Travel Guidance, Urgent Care Options, and more!
  • October 2021: Flu Shot Clinics, Bears in the Kitchen, HOF, and more!
  • August/September 2021: Group Counseling, Activate CA, Fall 2021 Hours of Operation, SHIP Benefits, SHAC Applications, and more! 
  • July 2021: SHIP reminders, Fall 2021 COVID guidelines, Immunization Requirements, and more! 

Spring 2021

  • June 2021: Phone vs video appointments, COVID updates, CAPS group sessions, UHS schedule, and SHIP reminders.
  • May 2021: RRR Week Study Tips, J&J Vaccine Clinics, New COVID Hotline, Sexpress Supplies, Eating Local Produce, & Summer Break Reminders. 
  • April 2021: Important Changes to Surveillance Testing, Navigating 'Fat Talk,' Exercise is Medicine Award, Work With Us At UHS & More!
  • March 2021: Student Jobs at UHS, Mental Health Workshops, New Recipes, and more. 
  • February 2021: Homemade Pork Dumplings, National Condom Week, Mental Health, and more! 

Fall 2020

  • December 2020: Wellness Reminders, RRR Week, Recipes, and Recordings. 
  • November 2020: Election Support (Wellness Circles & Consultations) and 4 other things you need to know for November. 
  • October 2020: Exercise is Medicine Month, Flu Shots, Health Opportunity Fund, Healing Circles, and Health Tip Lives. 
  • September 2020: Sex & COVID-19, Mental Health Workshops, Health Tip Live, COVID Testing, and more. 

Spring 2020

  • May 2020: Mental Health Workshops & Virtual Drop-In Consultations, Virtual Appointments, International Cookbook, and more. 
  • April 2020: UHS Services during COVID-19, SHIP updates, Mental Health Resources, and more.  
  • March 2020: Supporting your Immune System, How Primary Care Appointments Get Released on eTang, February Health Campaigns recap, and more!

Fall 2019

  • December 2019: 1) Rejuvenate with UHS, 2) Stop, Breathe, Reflect, and Choose, 3) Fighting Procrastination, 4) Winter Break Reminders, and more!
  • November 2019: Practical Self-Care During Midterms, Flu Shots, Thanksgiving Resources, and Gratitude.
  • October 2019: Flu Shots, Cooking Workshop, Taking Care of Yourself, Health Opportunity Fund, and Halloween Safety.
  • August/September 2019: Pet Hugs, Check-Ups, Sexual Health Awareness Week.

Spring 2019

  • May 2019: 5 tips for RRR and finals week. 
  • April 2019: How same-day appointments work, new SHIP carrier, nutrition tips, and how to get help when you can't get to Tang
  • March 2019: 5 Things to Do at Be Well at B North (MLK)
  • February 2019: Events Galore! National Condom Week, Time's Up, and Eating Disorder Awareness Week
  • January 2019: New Satellite Space at Be Well at B North, Suicide Prevention Training, Flu & Cold Tips. 

Fall 2018

  • December 2018: Winter Break Reminders, RRR Week Tips, New Vending Machine, and Sharps Container.
  • November 2018: Halloween Weekend, New Wellness Website, Flu Shots, PT Month, and more!  
  • October 2018: New Light Therapy Lamps, Flu Shots, Health Opportunity Fund, Staff Highlight, Suicide Prevention, and Pet Hugs. 
  • September 2018: Checkups, taking advantage of the pharmacy, safe sex, eating well, and talking to an advice nurse.   

 Spring 2018

  • May 2018: 5 tips for the end of the semester.
  • April 2018: New Counseling Referral Database, Treat Your Health Campaign, and a new Staff Highlight.
  • March 2018: QPR Training, Spring Break Hours, Pet Hugs Album.
  • February 2018: National Condom Week, Body Image, Staff Highlight.
  • January 2018: Rx Promo, Immunization Clinics, Health Goals, Social Media.

Fall 2017

  • December 2017: Winter Break Reminders, SHIP Tips, Be Well Resources, Gratitude Videos.
  • November 2017: Gratitude and Mindfulness Week, SHIP Rx Promo, Drop-In Flu Shots, NOW blog, Staff Highlight.
  • October 2017: Five Resources and Tips to Help You Be Well.
  • September 2017: Five Tang Tips to Help You Be Well in September.
  • August 2017: Be Well Buzz Insider Tips (but really, when are pet hugs?)  

Spring 2017

  • May 2017: Top Five Tips for the End of the Semester.
  • April 2017: Meet Molly Anderson, Psychiatric NP, Sexual Assault Awareness Month, UHS Statement on Trans Rights, Ask the Dietitian: Home Cooking, Health Coaching at UHS. 
  • March 2017: Meet Karen Hughes, Health Educator. Facebook Live with UHS' Medical Director and SHIP Manager. Peer program recruiting. Ask the Dietitian: Craving Candy. Meet Love Cafe Cal Baristas. 
  • February 2017: We welcome all. Meet Manny, Medical Assistant. Black health matters. National Condom Week. Eating disorders awareness.  
  • January 2017: Top 10 Tips for a Healthy New Year 

Fall 2016

  • December 2016: Refresh for Finals! Winter Break Reminders. Winter Food Resources. SHIP break tips.
  • November 2016: Food resources and eating well on a budget. Meet clinical psychologist Justin Castello. Post-election resources. Final Flu Shot Clinics. 
  • October 2016: Resources in honor of Domestic Violence Awareness Month. What's New at Tang this Fall. Meet Physical Therapist Liz Nguyen. PT Month. Conversation Circles for students of color.
  • September 2016: Flu Shot Clinics. Meet Primary Care Provider Melanie. Ask the Dietitian. How CAPS works. Pet Hugs! 
  • August 2016: Welcome back! UHS Open House. How to schedule an appointment. SHAC + Health Worker Program (HWP) recruiting. SHIP Tips. Grad Corner. PartySafe - when to intervene.  

Spring 2016

  • April 2016 - Finals Issue: De-stress Fest, RRR + break tips, a double dose of Pet Hugs, event pics
  • April 2016: New UHS web, Staff Highlights, Lab Results, Virtual Pet Hugs...and more. 
  • March 2016: REST Zones. SHIP 2016-17. Sexpert Recruiting. Spring Break Tips. Staff Highlights. Virtual Pet Hugs...and more.
  • February 2016: Staff Highlights. SHIP Survey. HOF is back. Virtual Pet Hugs...and more. 
  • January 2016: Welcome Back, Berkeley! Staff Highlights. New Hours. Flu Shots (still). SHIP Tips. Virtual Pet Hugs. Free Rapid HIV Testing.  

Fall 2015

  • December 2015: Rock your RRR week and finals. SHIP Tips over break. Pet Hugs double dose. Winter break hours. 
  • November 2015: Mental Health Resources. Final Flu Clinics. Upcoming holiday closures. SHEP recruiting. Meet the NPs. 
  • October 2015: Sexual Health Awareness Week, Our House Launch Party, National PT Month, Meet the staff, Upcoming events, and First Flu Clinic.
  • September 2015: Suicide Prevention, Measles, Meet Dr. Hope, Upcoming Events, and more.
  • August 2015: Welcome back! UHS Open House, follow @bewellcal on Instagram, apply for SHAC, and Party Safe.