Faculty/Staff Managers and Supervisors

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Be Well at Work provides tools and resources to help managers and supervisors create a healthy work environment, prevent injury and illness, and address workplace health and safety issues.

Roles and Responsibilities of Managers and Supervisors

Promoting a Safe Work Environment

Promoting a Healthy Work Environment

  • Wellness Program provides tools and resources to help managers and supervisors with their role in creating a healthy work environment.
  • Supporting Wellness at Work (pdf) - This one-page checklist for managers and supervisors can help you with the role of creating a healthy work environment that prevents injury and illness and promotes the health and well-being of the staff you supervise.
  • Wellness Ambassadors are staff volunteers who help create a healthy workplace by assisting managers and supervisors to promote Be Well at Work -- Wellness Program activities and resources within the department.

Promoting an Inclusive Work Environment

Consultations and Training


  • Employee Assistance provides free and confidential consultations for faculty and staff management, and campus administration related to behavioral health problems that impact workplace functioning.
  • How Ergonomics Can Help Your Department
  • Disability Management provides group consultation aimed to reinforce key concepts acquired in supervisor and manager training and focuses upon practical application in a departmental or unit group setting. Interactive dialog specific to the needs of the audience serves to support the management personnel address the disability and accommodation requirements of the staff/faculty.  Group consultation is available by appointment only.


  • Current Departmental Training Topics
    Be Well at Work -- Faculty/Staff Health Programs offer many types of training that meet the needs and schedules of campus departments, worksites, and groups. 
  • Disability Management: Understanding the Process is a 3-hour training for managers and supervisors available through the KEYS Risk Management Track. Demystifying disability management and recognizing the benefits of active engagement with employees with disabilities both non-occupational and worker’s compensation. Attention to areas such as timely reporting, ADA/FEHA, and Interactive Process serves as a foundation for curriculum supporting a holistic approach to disability and risk mitigation within departments and access to accommodation and resources to support both department supervisory staff and its faculty/employees.

Workplace Injuries: Prevention and Reporting

Injury Prevention

Reporting an Employee Injury 

Policies and Guidelines