Health Services for Undocumented Students

Background image: Undocu Health Header with butterflies

Welcome to Tang, Undocumented Students!

You belong. 

We recognize the challenges and responsibilities that undocumented students experience at Cal. Whether you’ve never had access to health insurance before or have additional responsibilities that limit your personal health budget, we care about your well being and want to help you do well at UC Berkeley.

We welcome and strive to serve all students, regardless of legal status.

Whether it’s a flu shot, stress management help, a sprained ankle, sexual health questions, or emotional support (to name a few), our physicians, nurse practitioners, health educators, counselors, pharmacists, lab and radiology technologists are here to help you take care of yourself and to get well if you’re sick or injured. 

Remember you are not alone. You are loved. You belong. You are beautiful. You are appreciated. #HereToStay #HereToFight