Health Opportunity Fund for eligible students

September 4, 2021

 Effective May 12, all HOF funds for the 2021-22 academic year have been used and we are no longer accepting HOF funds.  Check back next semster for updates on the Fall 2022 HOF funds cycle.

Health Opportunity Fund (HOF) 

The Health Opportunity Fund (HOF) provides funds to be used for UHS services and prescriptions by the following students*:

  • Pell Grant and Dream Aid recipients 
  • Graduate students who have filed a FAFSA for the current year and have Pell Grant equivalent eligibility
  • Actively registered students in the Disabled Students Program (DSP) 

*To be eligible students must also be in good academic standing

Important note: Participants must notify the UHS staff BEFORE PAYING that they wish to use the Health Opportunity Funds.

What is the Health Opportunity Fund?

The ASUC, University Health Services, Equity and Inclusion, and Student Affairs have collaborated with the Chancellor’s Advisory Committee on Student Service Fees (CACSSF) and the Wellness Fee Committee to offer funds to help offset charges at University Health Services (UHS).

What is covered?

Up to $350 fund per student for any services (excluding the Optometry Clinic operated by School of Optometry) at the Tang Center, including Pharmacy prescription and over-the-counter items. The funding will close when the pool of funds has been exhausted, whether you have used all of the credit initially available to you or not.

Who is eligible?

Undergraduate Pell Grant or Dream Aid recipients, Graduate Students who have filed a FAFSA and have pell-equivalent eligibility, and active students identified by the DSP office, in good academic standing.

When can I access this funding?

Funding is available to use from August 25, 2021, through May 13, 2022.  As of May 12, 2022 all HOF funding has been used and we are no longer accepting HOF funds for services.  Check back next semeter for Fall 2022 HOF funds cycle.

Where can I access this?

Your Cal 1 Card debit account has already been loaded with the credit if you are an eligible student. To check eligibility, check for your Health Opportunity Fund balance online through the Cal 1 Card office website.

To access health services, visit our student guide to getting started at UHS.

How does payment work? 

It is your responsibility to follow these steps to access HOF funding:

  1. Immediately after you receive service, please visit the Student Health Insurance Plan (SHIP) Office on the 3rd floor of the Tang Center and present your Cal 1 Card in order to use the HOF funds. 

  2. Whenever contacting the SHIP Office or the Pharmacy (picking up prescriptions or purchasing over-the-counter products) you need to identify yourself as a "Health Opportunity Fund recipient" in order to access the funds.

  3. You must complete this transaction with the SHIP Office/Pharmacy within 7 business days of receiving care or prescriptions, otherwise, charges will be automatically billed to your student account in CalCentral, and HOF funds cannot be applied to the charges.

How might this impact my Financial Aid?

After you access the Health Opportunity Fund using your Cal 1 Card, you will receive a link to an online form asking you to certify that you have spent or will spend more than the amount budgeted in the Cost of Attendance for all of your health care expenses. After this self-certification is complete, your budget may be increased to account for up to the amount of the fund of health care expenses not covered by insurance, and your financial aid awards should not be affected. The self-certification should be completed as soon as possible but no later than the end of the semester. Students who access the Health Opportunity Fund and do not complete the self-certification may have their financial aid package adjusted and will be responsible for any invoices that result. For questions or concerns about this process or the impact on your aid, please contact Financial Aid.

Who do I contact if I have questions?

  • Eligibility questions: CE3 - call (510) 642-7224 or call the DSP office.
  • Financial Aid: Cal Student Central
  • Medical bills: UHS Cashier - call (510) 642-8450 or visit the office on the third floor of the Tang Center.

How HOF Works

Follow these steps to access HOF funding:

  1. After you receive service at the Tang Center, please visit the Student Health Insurance Plan (SHIP) Office on the 3rd floor of Tang and present your Cal 1 Card in order to use the HOF funds.
  2. Please go to is external) to check your balance. Log in, then go to view my balances for HOF to see how much you have left.

  3. The HOF funds can be used for any services you have received at the Tang Center with the exception of Optometry.