Information for patients currently receiving allergy shots

University Health Services provides allergy shots for students who are on maintenance doses of immunotherapy.

 Please note as of July 1, 2019:

The Allergy Clinic at University Health Services (UHS) will no longer be accepting any medications for injection that are hand carried in by students or parents.  Antigen vials must be shipped only overnight via FedEx or UPS Monday through Thursday to avoid delays to: University Health Services 2222 Bancroft Way Berkeley, CA 94720-4300, Attention: Allergy/Travel Clinic.

As of June 1, 2019,  the UC Berkeley University Health Services (UHS) Allergy Clinic will administer immunotherapy injections to students who have reached a maintenance dose.  

If you are currently receiving allergy shots from your personal doctor, are at a maintenance (stable) dose, and wish to get your allergy shots at UHS while you are a student at UC Berkeley, download the forms under Handouts and Forms on the right side of the page and take them to your Allergist.

If  you are currently receiving allergy shots from your personal doctor, are in a build-up phase, and wish to continue getting allergy shots while you are a student at UC Berkeley, please refer to the list of Allergists offices in the community near the UC Berkeley Campus.  For students with SHIP insurance, please look up Allergy Immunology providers on the Blue Shield PPO Provider Search. UHS does not provide allergy shots on-site until a patient is stable at the maintenance dose.

Your allergy shots:

Plan on an annual visit with your Allergist to monitor your progress.

You should plan on an annual visit with your Allergist to monitor your progress.

1. Make appointments in advance for your injections by going on-line through the eTang portal, visiting the appointment office, or by calling (510) 643-7177.

  • Appointments are available Monday, Tuesday, Thursdays and Fridays. We are closed on holidays.
  • If you miss an allergy injection on the due date, schedule another appointment as soon as possible.
  • If you repeatedly miss injections, your allergy shots may have to be discontinued.  There is an increased risk when a haphazard schedule is followed. 

2. For your safety, you are required to wait 30 minutes in the clinic area after your injection. Please plan accordingly.

3.  Immediately alert the allergy clinic of any adverse reactions you may experience.

4. Pick up your antigens at the end of each semester or academic year to transport to the prescribing allergist. We do not ship antigens.

  • We only store the antigens for students receiving their allergy injections at University Health Services during the summer.
  • All other antigens are discarded at the end of the academic year in June.  

In the event that specialized care with an allergist is necessary, UHS requires that patients recieving antigen injections at the Tang Center whose allergists are located outside of the Western United States to establish care with a California allergy specialist. UHS will require a brief visit with a local allergist prior to receiving antigen injections at UHS if your allergist practices outside of the Western United States. Here is a list of local allergists (also available at the UHS Allergy Clinic).

Berkeley SHIP Members

If you need to see a local allergist for continuation of allergy shots because your allergist is located outside the Western United States, please call the Allergy/Travel Clinic to initiate a request for referral at (510) 642-1297. Please select an allergist that is a member of the Anthem Network to help assure that you receive the maximum insurance reimbursement, and therefore the lowest out of pocket expenses. Allergy services with an Anthem provider or at the UHS Allergy Clinic are reimbursed by the insurance plan at 90% (with 10% patient responsibility).

If you are not currently receiving allergy shots and need care for allergies, please make an appointment with your Primary Care provider

Non-Berkeley SHIP Members

If you are covered by another insurance plan, you will need to contact your health plan to obtain names of local allergists who are participating providers with your insurance. Once you have seen a California allergist and obtained the information described above, please contact the UHS Allergy Clinic to set up an appointment to initiate antigen injections at the Tang Center. It is possible to refrigerate your antigens in the UHS Allergy clinic prior to your appointment with an allergy specialist.

Please note as of July 1, 2019: hand carried antigen vials will NOT be accepted, we will only be accepting via overnight FedEx or UPS. Please see details below.

Contact us

Call (510) 643-7177 for general service questions.


Moderate fees apply for immunotherapy services.

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