Allergy Shots

NOTICE: University Health Services will no longer be able to provide allergy shots for students

If you are currently receiving allergy shots from your doctor and wish to continue getting allergy shots while you are a student at UC Berkeley, please refer to the list of allergy offices in the community near the UC Berkeley Campus.  We can also assist in helping you find a local Allergist office for your ongoing allergy shots. 

Berkeley SHIP Members

If you have SHIP insurance and need to see a local allergist for the continuation of allergy shots, please call the Travel & Immunization Clinic to initiate a request for referral at (510) 643-7177.

Berkeley Students without SHIP

For students who do not have SHIP insurance, please check with your insurance company about in-network providers and refer to this list of Allergists in the Berkeley area.

If you are not currently receiving allergy shots and need care for allergies, please make an appointment with your Primary Care provider

Non-Berkeley Students

If you are covered by another insurance plan, you will need to contact your health plan to obtain the names of local allergists who are participating providers with your insurance.

Contact us

Call (510) 643-7177 for general service questions.

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