Make mindful, informed decisions about alcohol and drugs. Our daily decisions, including those about substance use, have short and long term consequences.

Data & Insights

We draw on several national college data sources as well as our own campus research statistics to inform and guide our policies, strategies, and activities.

Alcohol Risk Management and Harm Reduction

  • Emergency Alcohol Intervention Handout
  • Alcohol Risks and Consequences Handout
    • Alcohol Expectancies 
      • Research shows that when people drink, how they “think” or “expect” to feel has a huge influence on how they actually feel and act. Alcohol marketers use this knowledge to portray an ideal image of who we are when we drink, but they never address what happens if we drink heavily.
      • Alcohol Industry Tactics
        • "Big Alcohol" tactics are an important component of environmental risk for college students. They spend over $6 billion every year and use a variety of channels to reach underage youth to normalize drinking as part of college life. When it comes to alcohol-related harms, Big Alcohol emphasizes individual responsibility, instead of industry responsibility. For more information visit Alcohol Justice and Center(link is external) for Alcohol Marketing and Youth.
      • PartySafe@Cal Toolkit for Risk Managment/Harm Reduction - Get the good without the bad
      • Intervention Tips - when someone is struggling with their alcohol or other drug use
      • Periodic Screening

Campus Alcohol and Other Drug Policies

Help uphold the campus and city of Berkeley policies related to alcohol, other substance use, and parties.

Campus Statement on Alcohol & All Alcohol-Related Policies and Accountability

The University of California Berkeley was established as a public institution and is intrinsically devoted to the health, safety, and well-being of every individual in the campus community. Every member of the UC Berkeley community has a role in sustaining a safe, caring, and humane environment. Students, faculty, and staff are therefore responsible for fostering a healthy environment free of alcohol misuse. Toward that end, the campus provides education, prevention, and support services to minimize alcohol misuse; encourages treatment for members of the campus community who misuse alcohol; and sets expectations for conduct with respect to the use and misuse of alcohol in accordance with applicable laws, University policies, and campus regulations.

Avoid Trouble - Keep it world-class! Handout