University Health Leadership Team

The University Health Leadership Team (UHLT) is our organization-wide leadership team that is made up of managers and directors from each of our units and oversees UHS programs, services, and key initiatives for students, faculty, and staff. Key work of UHLT includes strategic planning and organizational prioritization for UHS, budgeting process planning, identification and guidance for organizational issues and challenges, governance including credentialing approvals, coordination and planning with the campus on various initiatives and campus leadership teams.

Guy Nicolette, MD, AVC

Guy Nicolette, MD, CAQSM

Assistant Vice Chancellor

Dr. Guy Nicolette joined University Health Services in 2019 and brings substantial experience in the leadership of university health programs as well as engaging in clinical care, teaching, and research. Prior to joining UHS, Guy served as the director of student health at the University of Florida in Gainesville, a campus with over 55,000 students, 16 academic colleges, and more than 150 research centers and institutes. Guy also served as the director of the University of Florida's Primary Care Sports Medicine Program and medical co-director of their Undergraduate Athletic Training program.
Tami Cate

Tami Cate

PR & Communications Manager

Tami Cate joined the UHS Communications team in 2018. She was previosuly the Communications Manager at Kaiser Permanente where she worked on a variety of health care communications programs. Tami is passionate about health care and health promotion and believes communications plays a big role in helping people access the care and resources to be their best.

Tami received her BA in Communications and Asian Studies from the University of Arizona. She enjoys spending time with her teenage son, hiking with her border collie/spaniel mix in the East Bay hills and beyond, trying new recipes and restaurants, and traveling.

Peter Cornish

Peter Cornish

CAPS Director

Dr. Peter Cornish is the Director of Counseling and Psychological Services at UHS and an Honorary Research Professor at Memorial University of Newfoundland in Canada. His clinical and research interests include online mental health, stepped care treatments, mental health service innovations, and inter-professional team functioning.

Over the past five years, Dr. Cornish has provided consultation and on-site training on his Stepped Care 2.0 model to over 150 organizations across North America. His nonprofit company, Stepped Care Solutions, is the lead partner on Wellness Together Canada, a federal COVID-19 $70M mental health program for all peoples of Canada. Dr. Cornish is the principal investigator for a $1.14M four-year research grant aimed at digitizing and evaluating Stepped Care 2.0 across two Canadian provinces. Currently, he is collaborating with colleagues in the US and Canada on a three-book series on Stepped Care 2.0 to be published by Springer, with the first in the series available now. 

Bene Gatzert

Bene Gatzert, MPA

Chief Strategy Officer 

Bene Gatzert joined UHS as a staff member in 1989. Her “first career” was as a health educator in the Health Promotion unit, working directly with students in peer programs and with HIV/AIDS and sexual violence prevention programs. In her “second career” in healthcare administration, she still engages with and learns from students through a number of advisory committees and a liaison role with student government. In her work with UHS and campus colleagues, she loves facilitating discussions, helping teams create solutions to address complex issues, and supporting the organization through change. Bene is also co-chair of the UHS Justice, Inclusion, and Community Committee. 

Bene received her BA from Berkeley and her MPA from San Francisco State. She has a passion for travel, can be found on wildlife safaris with her wife, and loves reading, yoga, and hiking.

Laurel Halsey

Laurel Halsey, MBA, CPHRM

Administrative Director/Risk Manager

As UHS’ Administrative Director, Laurel oversees finance, health records, insurance services, information technology, communications, risk management, and privacy compliance.  She serves on the campus Compliance, Ethics, and Risk Committee, Policy Subcommittee, Minors Subcommittee, Clery Compliance, and Disability Accommodation Review Team.  

Laurel joined UHS in 2011. Prior to her current role, she served three years as the lead administrator for an outpatient and research clinic at UCSF/San Francisco General Hospital. Other health care experience includes USAID, Public Health Institute, Crown Agents, Peace Corps, and the Carter Center. She enjoys helping people strengthen their skills, thoughtful risk-taking, and a balanced budget.

Laurel earned an MBA from Tulane University and an undergraduate degree from Miami University of Ohio. She is a supporting member of ACHA, SPLC, and SmileTrain.

Anna Harte

Anna Harte, MD

Medical Director

Dr. Anna Harte (née Bloxham) joined UHS in 2001. Dr. Harte was appointed Medical Director in January 2017 after serving as Associate Medical Director from 2011-2016. She received her BA in Music from UC Santa Cruz (1992), her MD from Yale University (1998), and completed her residency in Primary Care Internal Medicine at UC San Francisco (2001). 

Dr. Harte has a special clinical interest in tuberculosis, HIV and infectious diseases, travel medicine, transgender health, and the care of underserved populations. She serves as a primary care provider on our UHS Trans Care Team and also consults for the City of Berkeley Public Health Division's Tuberculosis Program. Dr. Harte still loves music, which she shares with her husband Alexis and children Mia and Leo.

Dr. Harte is certified by the American Board of Internal Medicine.

Additional Languages: Danish, Swedish

Kathy Kodama

Cathy Kodama, MPH

Health Promotion Director

Cathy Kodama came to UC Berkeley as an open-minded but (mostly) inexperienced freshman in 1973. Being in, and at, Berkeley was a life-changing experience that she's still experiencing. Cathy was pre-law, but in her sophomore year she fell into being a peer educator in women's health and never looked back.

Cathy had her first full-time job at UHS in Medical Records. From there, she hopscotched to the Health Education unit, to graduate school in public health, to various community volunteer projects, and back to Health Education (now called Health Promotion) at UHS. Cathy is a baby boomer, UC Berkeley alum, health educator, and firm believer in health, happiness, equality, and social action. She is a third-generation Japanese-American with all the cultural richness and assimilation experiences that come along with that. Cathy has been involved in numerous regional and national organizations, including serving as President of the Pacific Coast College Health Association and on the board of the American College Health Association.

Cathy's passionate interests are: 1) the role of drugs in society, 2) sexuality and relationships, and 3) some TV shows. Her particular abilities tend to be daydreaming (in the professional world we call it "visioning") and administrative work. She loves talking about life with students, whose perspectives are so enlightening and inspiring.

Craig Mielcarski

Craig Mielcarski, LCSW, CEAP

Be Well at Work - Faculty/Staff Health Programs Director

Craig Mielcarski has been the Director for Be Well at Work - Faculty/Staff Health Programs (which includes Disability Management Services, Elder Care, Employee Assistance, Ergonomics, Wellness, and Work/Life programs) since 2018. He previously worked as the Director for Employee Assistance starting in 2008. Craig received his BA in Psychology from Amherst College and his MSW from Boston University. He is a licensed clinical social worker and certified employee assistance professional with over 20 years of clinical, organizational, and leadership experience in business, government, and academic settings.

Craig has additional expertise in threat assessment, intimate partner violence, critical incident response, organizational change, and management consultation. Passionate about individual and organizational health and wellness, Craig also has extensive experience providing coaching and consultation to individuals at all levels of a work organization. 

Tobirus M. Newby, LCSW

Social Services Manager

Tobirus M. Newby is a licensed clinical social worker and the manager of the UHS' Social Services department. Over the past 17 years, Tobirus has worked in the field of violence prevention and intervention by supporting the healing journeys of survivors and by educating and fostering change with those who have caused harm in their relationships and communities. In addition, he is an educator at UC Berkeley Extension and the University of San Francisco and has a private consulting practice through which he provides organizational equity and inclusion services. A quote that guides his life and his practice comes from James Baldwin: “Not everything that is faced can be changed, but nothing can be changed until it is faced.”