A wide-variety of immunizations are available at the Tang Center. 

Medical Home

Helping you manage your healthcare!

Flu Shots at Tang

Help yourself stay well this fall and winter.
To protect yourself, you need a flu shot every year.

Primary Care

Students can use the medical services at the Tang Center just as they would their regular doctor's office and urgent care center.

Students can use all services at UHS whether or not they have the Student Health Insurance Plan

Contraceptives and Family Planning

There are more options than ever to help prevent unplanned pregnancy.

Many factors go into making this important decision. What once was a good method for you a few years ago may not fit your busy lifestyle and schedule now, and new options may have become available. Your UHS clinician can assist you in finding the right method for your individual needs and preferences, including options for those who are ready to think about family planning. 

Urgent Care at the Tang Center (On Campus)

The Urgent Care Clinic is a drop-in service for urgent medical problems.

Urgent problems include sudden, serious and unexpected illnesses, injuries or conditions which require immediate medical attention. 

How to make a Primary Care appointment

Reasons for Primary Care Appointments

  • For new problems or concerns requiring an evaluation
  • Follow-up from prior visits
  • For STI testing
  • If you wish to request a referral or need to establish care with your primary care provider to manage ongoing medical issues.

How to make the most of your medical appointment

1. Build a relationship with your provider

Studies show patient satisfaction is higher and medical outcomes are better when patients choose a regular Primary Care Provider and maintain a relationship with them for their care. The Tang Center makes it easy! Choose your provider or learn more about our staff online on the Meet the Staff pages.