Medical Home

Helping you manage your healthcare!

Should I Make a Phone or Video Appointment?

Symptom or Reason for Visit

Phone or Video Appointment?

Concussion follow-up. Video appointment.
Contraception counseling or to discuss contraception side effects. Phone appointment.

Preventive Health

Preventive health focuses on wellness, health maintenance, and disease prevention.

It includes general counseling regarding healthy habits and practices, and specific advice and testing tailored to the individual depending on personal and familial health risks. Screening tests, health education, and immunizations are common examples of preventive care. Find out more about our medical home model.

How to Make the Most of your Medical Appointment

1. Build a relationship with your provider

Studies show patient satisfaction is higher and medical outcomes are better when patients choose a regular Primary Care Provider and maintain a relationship with them for their care. The Tang Center makes it easy! Choose your provider or learn more about our staff online on the Meet the Staff pages.

How to Make a Primary Care Appointment

Reasons for Primary Care Appointments

  • For new problems or concerns requiring an evaluation
  • Follow-up from prior visits
  • For STI testing
  • If you wish to request a referral or need to establish care with your primary care provider to manage ongoing medical issues.


Our fully licensed pharmacy is committed to providing quality service to our patients. We accept valid prescriptions from licensed clinicians within the United States, if the prescription is for an item that we stock.


Radiology at the Tang Center provides routine exams on a walk-in basis and fulfills orders from outside providers.

Urgent Care at the Tang Center (On Campus)

The Urgent Care Clinic is a drop-in service for urgent medical problems.

Urgent problems include sudden, serious and unexpected illnesses, injuries or conditions which require immediate medical attention. 


Eligibility Schedule: The time period that UHS services are available to students.

The Student Health Insurance Office can help you determine eligibility for services at the Tang Center - call (510) 642-5700. 

New fall or spring semester students 

Eligible to use UHS services 30 calendar days prior to the first day of the semester.