Urgent Care at UHS (On Campus)

The Urgent Care Clinic is a service for urgent medical problems.

Urgent problems include sudden, serious, and unexpected illnesses, injuries, or conditions which require immediate medical attention.

Worker injury for UC Berkeley employees: If your injury or illness arose or occurred in the course of your employment, you should provide this information to the Urgent Care triage nurse/front desk staff at the time of your first visit to initiate billing of your Workers Compensation carrier.

What to...


More than 90,000 lab tests are performed at Tang each year!

Our lab is licensed by the State of California and accredited by the Accreditation Association of Ambulatory HealthCare (AAAHC). We are a CLIA (Clinical Laboratory Improvements Amendment) certified facility and testing performance is constantly monitored by API (American Proficiency Institute).


The University Health Service Pharmacy is committed to providing high quality, inclusive and respectful care to all of our patients.

We accept all prescriptions in accordance with all State of California Board of Pharmacy regulations. We also carry a wide range of over-the-counter medications.

While Berkeley SHIP members are NOT required to use UHS Pharmacy, we are the preferred pharmacy. Many generic prescriptions have zero copays--meaning you don’t pay anything. All other prescriptions,...

Physical Therapy

What is Physical Therapy?

During the evaluation, The Physical Therapist will listen to you and ask questions about the issue that brings you in for treatment. They will then do an evaluation which may include evaluating range of motion, strength and functional activities. It may also involve palpating (feeling) your joint or soft tissue mobility. They will then discuss their findings.

You work together, as a team, to achieve your goals.
They will educate you, do any manual treatments necessary, and give you a program to work on. You, in turn,...


Radiology at the Tang Center provides routine exams on a walk-in basis and fulfills orders from outside providers.

All exams are read remotely by a board certified Radiology group. Some imaging services are referred out to the community and require an approved referral through the SHIP office.

Medical Home

Helping You Manage Your Healthcare!

The staff at the UHS work closely together to promote wellness and offer healthcare in a medical home model: comprehensive, coordinated, and delivered in a manner that best suits your needs.

The core of this model is your relationship with a primary care clinician and their team, who by getting to know you and your health history are able to work in partnership with you, your family, and other providers to help you stay healthy during your time at Berkeley, and beyond.

All Berkeley students, regardless of the type of health insurance, have...