Health Records

When you arrive at UC Berkeley, you may wish to have your health records transferred to the Tang Center from your previous health care provider.

You can print a release form for transfers of records to UHS or pick up a copy of the form from Health Records. Complete the form and mail it to your previous health care provider. You can also use eTang to request a release of information. To do so, please follow these...

Medical Home

Helping You Manage Your Healthcare!

The staff at the UHS work closely together to promote wellness and offer healthcare in a medical home model: comprehensive, coordinated, and delivered in a manner that best suits your needs.

The core of this model is your relationship with a primary care clinician and their team, who by getting to know you and your health history are able to work in partnership with you, your family, and other providers to help you stay healthy during your time at Berkeley, and beyond.

All Berkeley students, regardless of the type of health insurance, have...

Pregnancy Options

Think you might be pregnant? Here are some of your options. Our clinicians or social services counselors can assist you with navigating these options.


Eligibility Schedule: The time period that UHS services are available to students.

The Student Health Insurance Office can help you determine eligibility for services at the Tang Center - call (510) 642-5700.

New fall or spring semester students

Eligible to use UHS services 30 calendar days prior to the first day of the semester.

Fall 2022: eligibility begins July 17, 2022 and student pricing starts August 1, 2022. Spring 2023: eligibility begins December 10, 2022 and student pricing starts January 1, 2023. All registered...

Local Emergency and Urgent Care Centers (Off Campus)

All centers listed are in-network providers, meaning that SHIP will reimburse a portion of the fees incurred after the co-pay.

These clinics prefer payment up front but they will bill. Students should present an electronic version of their insurance card. See How to Use SHIP for details.

*Hours change frequently. Please call ahead to verify confirm hours.

Hospital Emergency Rooms...

Physical Therapy

What is Physical Therapy?

During the evaluation, The Physical Therapist will listen to you and ask questions about the issue that brings you in for treatment. They will then do an evaluation which may include evaluating range of motion, strength and functional activities. It may also involve palpating (feeling) your joint or soft tissue mobility. They will then discuss their findings.

You work together, as a team, to achieve your goals.
They will educate you, do any manual treatments necessary, and give you a program to work on. You, in turn,...

Specialty Clinic

Specialty Clinics Dermatology* ENT – Ear, Nose & Throat (Otolaryngology) (referred off-campus) Gastroenterology - limited in-house access Ophthalmology (referred off-campus) Orthopedics – general, hand, & foot & ankle specialties Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Podiatry Repetitive Stress Clinic Surgery (breast surgeon) Student health, Sports Medicine - This clinic is self referral and designed for recreational athletes with athletic related injuries who wish to access the expertise...


Radiology at the Tang Center provides routine exams on a walk-in basis and fulfills orders from outside providers.

All exams are read remotely by a board certified Radiology group. Some imaging services are referred out to the community and require an approved referral through the SHIP office.