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Jeff Chen

Jeff Chen, PT, DPT, OCS

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University Health Services, Tang Center has several types of clinics tailored to meet the needs of busy UC Berkeley students. 

Sample Fees

Below are fees for some of our most common services, effective August 1, 2017. 

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Flu Shots at Tang

Help yourself stay well this fall and winter.
To protect yourself, you need a flu shot every year.

Medical Records

When you arrive at UC Berkeley, you may wish to have your medical records transferred to the Tang Center from your previous health care provider.

You can print a release form for transfers of records to UHS or pick up a copy of the form from Medical Records. Complete the form and mail it to your previous health care provider.

Requirements: Immunizations

Timeline: Overview of the Immunization Requirement process

  1. Prepare for online submission:
    1. Review the step-by-step instructions
    2. Complete the Immunization Worksheet (for your reference only; form does not need to be uploaded)
  2. Log into the eTang patient portal with your CalNet ID and open the immunization form. 

Urgent Care at the Tang Center (On Campus)

The Urgent Care Clinic is a drop-in service for urgent medical problems.

Urgent problems include sudden, serious and unexpected illnesses, injuries or conditions which require immediate medical attention. 

Advice Nurse

If you have a medical question, need home-care advice or are unsure about which services are best for you, speak with the Advice Nurse from 8am-4:30pm, Monday-Friday by calling (510) 643-7197 or send a secure message online through the eTang patient portal.

Advice Nurse: (510) 643-7197 or send secure message via eTang

After hours, SHIP members can call the 24/7 Nurseline at (800) 681-4065.

Information for patients currently receiving allergy shots

UHS provides allergy shots (immunotherapy) by appointment for students who have established care with an allergy specialist in the Western United States.

Once appropriate clinical records, antigen orders, and the antigen itself are received by UHS, antigen injections can be provided for a fee. If your allergist is located East of the Mississippi, please see instructions below to obtain a referral to a local allergist.