Prescription Stimulants and Health

The misuse of prescription stimulants (e.g. Adderall©, Ritalin©) in the college population has received an increase in media coverage. 

Picture of prescription drug bottles

Although students tend to minimize the threats to health posed by this behavior, the reality is that there is a risk of adverse side effects when using any prescription drug, including prescription stimulants:

  • Not prescribed to you. In addition, this action is classified as a felony.
  • For nonmedical reasons. For example, students sometimes use prescription stimulants to improve focus and concentration and/or to stay awake to study. As an alernative, check out healthy study tips and academic support resources.
  • In excess of what has been prescribed by a health care provider. Remember that the dosage you have been prescribed is based on a decision made between you and your health care provider, so exceeding the prescribed dosage is unsafe.
  • In an unintended manner. For example, a medication intended to be used orally can be highly dangerous if taken any other way.