Intervention Scale

Alcohol intervention scale

Signs of Intoxication Call to Action
C: Cold skin
S: Slow breathing
P: Puking
Call for medical assistance. 911 or (510) 643-3333 from mobile. Put in the recovery position. Assist first responders. Stay with them.
Incoherent, agressive, harassing Find friends. Escort from event. Keep yourself safe. 
Stumbling, rambling, vomiting,  Cut them off. Trust your gut. Engage others for support. Be firm. 
Slurring, swaying Slow them down. Offer food and water. Distract them. 
Chill, aware Support them. Reinforce the game plan. Limit hard alcohol.

Responsible Bystander Policy: A student or registered student group (RSO) promptly seeking necessary medical assistance on behalf of a student experiencing an alcohol or controlled substance emergency will be exempt from the formal Student Conduct processes concerning alcohol and controlled substances (102.17 and 102.18). This policy promotes a safety-oriented campus culture that encourages students to seek help for others.

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Alcohol and Other Drugs Intervention tips