Exercise is Medicine

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Your prescription for physical movement!

Do you walk in your neighborhood? Bike? Walk to the store? Dance? Do household chores? Engage in solo or partnered sexual activity? Every little bit helps.

Whether you’re new to physical activity or want to build upon what you already do, Exercise is Medicine-on Campus is here to help! 

About the Exercise is Medicine-On Campus (EIM-OC) Program

What is Exercise is Medicine-On Campus? 

It’s a collaborative effort between UHS, Rec Sports, School of Public Health, and the Dept. of Phys Ed, that aims to reduce your barriers to physical activity, help you explore the many available programs on campus, and support your engagement in physical activities of your choice to improve your mental health, physical health, and wellbeing. 

Why physical activity? 

There is clear evidence that engaging in regular physical activity benefits mood, aids sleep, reduces academic stress, helps treat chronic disease, bolsters immune response to illnesses, and reduces the symptoms and severity of depression and anxiety. Beginning or maintaining an active routine during a remote school year can help students struggling with isolation and stress.

What does the program include?

  • Orientation to physical activity resources on campus 

  • 1-to-1 Health Coaching

  • Fitness consultations with a certified Personal Trainer at Rec Sports

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How to Join

If you’re a UHS clinician who would like to refer a student:

  • Place a referral to Health Promotion-Exercise is Medicine in PnC.

If you’ve been referred by a UHS clinician:

  • Expect a secure message from your health coach for follow-up.

If you’re interested in self-referring to the program:

Class Drop-In Schedule

Explore options available to start or renew physical activity, including 10 minute beginner workouts with a personal trainer and health coach who are ready to answer your questions to help you get started.

New To Fitness Workshop

10 Minute Workout + Q&A with Rec Sports, Physical Therapy, and Health Coaching

**More dates coming soon**

Join us for this New to Fitness class! We will have an engaging warm-up, fun structured workout, and relaxing cool down with stretching. Even if you're capable of more than 10 minutes of exercise, use this as a break from your daily routine to take time to move and enjoy yourself.

We will help you gradually increase your frequency and duration of physical activity until you are capable of performing 10 minutes of continuous exercise.

Once we’ve achieved the goal of 10 minutes of light workout in the first two weeks of class we will increase to 20 minus of continuous exercise in the final two weeks.

After class we will have a Q&A with Rec Sports and University Health Services staff to answer questions and provide resources for Health and Wellness, Health Coaching, and Physical Therapy.