My Career Development Steps

Research shows that identifying a goal gives energy and direction to one’s efforts. And having a flexible plan can facilitate action, and help you see your progress.

My Career Development Steps is a fillable PDF template for capturing and tracking action steps toward your career goals.

Use it to create and adapt a flexible plan as your ideas and plans develop. Refer to it regularly to recognize your progress and stay on track.

1. Download the pdf file

     NOTE: Download Instructions for Chrome Browsers: 

  • Position your cursor on the form link and click with your right mouse button (do not activate the link and open the form) 
  • From the menu that pops up, select the Save link as... option 
  • You should then be prompted to choose a location to save the file
  • Select the location on your own computer or network and click on the Save button
  • Once saved, navigate to the file

2. Consult UC Berkeley’s rich and varied career development resources to help develop your plan

3. Type directly into the fillable pdf document

4. Save the form with your information to a destination you are comfortable with. This is your information, so think about...

  • Access: Do you want to access the form from more than one device? If so, consider your bDrive or a similar location
  • Privacy: Choose a file location that has a level of privacy that is satisfactory to you

5. Review and revise your plan regularly. Don’t forget to check off steps you’ve completed. That can be very satisfying.

HAVE FEEDBACK?My Career Development Steps is a new tool. If you have feedback for making it more useful, please let us know at