Meet the Staff

Career Counseling Library Staff

Chris Garcia, BS

Administrative Assistant

Kate Zuby

Kate Zuby, MS

Career Counseling Outreach Coordinator

Career Counseling Interns

Jasmine Karmariotis

Jasmine Kamariotis

MS Candidate, San Francisco State University, College & Career specializations

Interests: Career development for first-generation and underrepresented college students, and biracial/multiracial identity development.

Tiara Liquido

Tiara Liquido, MA

PsyD Candidate, Wright Institute, Clinical Psychology 


Interests: Eating disorders, drug addiction, and mindfulness.

Caroline Leon Williams

Caroline Leon Williams

MS Candidate, San Francisco State University, MFT & College specializations


Nan Zhao

Nan Zhao

MA Candidate, University of San Francisco, MFT specialization

Interests: Career counseling, depression, anxiety, trauma, and relationship issues.