Career Counseling Services

The Career Counseling Library provides comprehensive counseling services to help you select a major and make career decisions.

Many students find the process of selecting a major at UC Berkeley to be challenging. Some students with many interests may feel anxious narrowing their choices for the purpose of declaring a major, while others may feel their family wants them to choose a specific major that is not well-suited to their interests and abilities.

Additionally, career decisions--be it the first job you choose after college or making a commitment to graduate school--are some of the most important choices you will make. To make a good decision, it is often helpful to know how your unique personal qualities relate to opportunities in the working world.

The Career Counseling Library offers a variety of services that can be helpful if you are trying to choose a major and/or make decisions about your career.

Current Virtual Services

To make an assessment appointment with a Career Counselor or take a virtual resource tour of the Library, please visit The Career Library's We Join page. Feel free to call (510) 642-2367 if you have any questions!

Individual Career Counseling

Students often find it helpful to meet individually with a career counselor to help them sort through their options. For a variety of reasons, you may want to meet with a counselor one-on-one to talk about your situation. Are you unsure what career test to take? Have you already taken a career assessment and feel confused about how to use your results? Maybe you are having trouble sorting out conflicting interests or pressures. Or perhaps you need support in the decision-making process. 

  • Make first-time appointment by calling CAPS at (510) 642-9494.

Career Assessments

CAPS offers a full component of skills, interests, and personality assessment instruments that can help clarify academic and career direction. To receive help with analyzing assessment results, students must meet individually with a counselor. Career testing is free of charge.


  • Individuals tend to be drawn to careers (or majors) that provide them with opportunities and environments to express and use their preferences.  The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) results can help you understand more about yourself and how to thrive in college and your future career. 


  • The Strong Interest Inventory is a useful tool to connect interests to satisfying majors, exploring career fields, and addressing career development issues.
  • Make a first-time appointment by calling UHS at (510) 642-9494. 

Research Majors, Careers, and Graduate School

EUREKA is an online database that can help you: 

  • Identify your skills, personality, values, and learning styles
  • Explore majors (over 1,000 majors and program areas)
  • Research occupations and plan your career (over 2,500 profiles)
  • Find schools & training you need (global undergraduate and graduate)  
  • Find out Financial Aid information 
  • Learn valuable Job Search information and skills

Available in the Career Counseling Library at any time.

The library's print collection is constantly growing and includes books that can help you research graduate programs, careers, and majors. 

Books can be checked out for 3 business days and items can be renewed.   

  • Renew over the phone by calling (510) 642-2367,
  • Renew in person by visiting 2222 Bancroft Way, 3rd floor of UHS, Room 3290 (on hold for the time being)
  • Review via email  
  • Some samples include: 


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