Group Counseling

Many students benefit from counseling in a group format where common concerns can be explored. UHS group counseling sessions are free and do not require health insurance.

Brief Individual and Couples Counseling

Counseling is available to all students at no charge. There are a variety of options for accessing counseling.


TALK (to a mental health professional)

Find a provider to speak with through some of our 1:1 mental health services.

Let's Talk Schedule

Let's Talk Drop-In Consultations are informal, brief, free consultations with UHS mental health counselors.

They do not require any insurance or paperwork. UHS counselors have expertise and competency in working with underrepresented students on campus. All counselors work with students who are experiencing symptoms of anxiety, depression, and relationship concerns.

PLEASE NOTE: Let's Talk consultations are not formal therapy sessions and do not constitute mental health treatment, and we are not able to assist with the Disabled Students' Program (...

Prevention, Education, Outreach

Outreach is about connecting with the campus community to increase college mental health through awareness, education, and stigma reduction.

We actively engage students, faculty, staff, and parents in creating a healthy campus environment and preventing mental health problems. We also do all we can to connect with students who do not utilize traditional counseling.

Outreach and Workshop Requests

We are no longer accepting requests for Spring 2024. (Accepting for Summer 24)

Student Mental Health frequently does outreach to the campus for student groups, academic departments, and administrative units. The goal of this outreach is to demystify counseling, educate the campus on mental health issues, and help others know our counselors. Although staffing for outreach is limited, we do our best to accommodate requests.

Career Counseling Assessment and Library

Career Counseling staff help you explore majors, careers, and graduate programs. Our resource library consists of a unique collection of books, files, directories, and electronic resources. We are here to help you!

Meet the CAPS Staff

Counseling Staff

The UHS Counseling staff is a multicultural group of professional counselors and psychiatrists. Counselors include psychologists, social workers, and advanced-level trainees. We try to accommodate students’ preferences regarding counseling gender, ethnicity, and sexual orientation.

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Question, Persuade, Refer Training

January 17, 2017
Ask a Question, Save a Life - Over the last few years you may have become acquainted with the Look for the Signs App (for students) or the mental health guides (for faculty/staff/GSIs) to assist you in helping someone in distress. One component of that help is understanding when a student may be in danger of suicide.

Let's Talk: Offsite, Walk-in Consultations

The Let's Talk program provides easy access to brief, free, and informal consultations with UHS mental health counselors. These confidential services can help you access supportive counseling and consultation, gain perspective, and explore resources and options that might help meet your needs.

No paperwork needed Video or phone available Visits are first come, first served

Reasons to Attend Let’s Talk

Stress management, academic challenges, and career development Health and wellness Anxiety and mood concerns Challenges...