Group Counseling

Many students benefit from counseling in a group format where common concerns can be explored. UHS group counseling sessions are free and do not require health insurance.

Let's Talk Schedule

Let's Talk Drop-In Consultations are informal, brief, free consultations with UHS mental health counselors.

They do not require any insurance or paperwork. UHS counselors have expertise and competency in working with underrepresented students on campus. All counselors work with students who are experiencing symptoms of anxiety, depression, and relationship concerns.

PLEASE NOTE: Let's Talk consultations are not formal therapy sessions and do not constitute mental health treatment, and we are not able to assist with the Disabled Students' Program (...

Career Counseling Assessment and Library

The Career Counseling Library is a unique collection of books, files, directories and electronic resources staffed by a professional staff who will help you explore majors, careers and graduate programs.

Post-MSW Fellowship in Clinical Social Work

Post-MSW Fellowship in Clinical Social Work

Thank you for your interest in our post-MSW fellowship in clinical social work in Counseling and Psychological Services and Social Services at University Health Services at UC Berkeley!

Our program is a postgraduate training program committed to providing comprehensive clinical experience and professional development opportunities in the field of college mental health. The program aims to meet the needs of pre-licensed postgraduate clinical social workers who have a Master of...

Postdoctoral Fellowship in Health Service Psychology

Postdoctoral Fellowship in Health Service Psychology

The University of California at Berkeley is accepting applications for up to 5 postdoctoral positions in professional psychology.

The postdoctoral fellowship program is committed to providing comprehensive training experiences that will facilitate postdoctoral fellows’ development as independent professional psychologists. A primary goal of the program is to assist fellows in strengthening and consolidating their clinical and professional skills and integrating these skills into their professional identities as psychologists. The...

Doctoral Internship in Health Service Psychology

collapse all expand all Summary of the Characteristics of the Specified Internship Class 2021-2022 2022-2023 2023-2024 Number of completed applications: 139 129 125 Number of applicants invited for interviews: 42 35 35 Total number of interns: 3 3 3 Total number of interns from APA/CPA accredited...


TALK (to a mental health professional)

Suicide Prevention

If You Are Suicidal

If you have taken steps to end your life, then please do one of the following so as to obtain immediate medical help:

Dial 9-1-1 from a landline or if you are off-campus Dial UCPD Emergency at (510) 642-3333 from a cell phone if you are on or near campus We ask that you do this so that we have a chance to help you with whatever leaves you feeling so overwhelmed that life is not worth living. We believe that you can be helped. We would like a chance to try to help you. If you are considering taking your life...

Meet the CAPS Staff

Counseling Staff The UHS Counseling staff is a multicultural group of professional counselors and psychiatrists. Counselors include psychologists, social workers, and advanced-level trainees. We try to accommodate students’ preferences regarding counseling gender, ethnicity, and sexual orientation. Tegan Adams, PsyD Tegan Adams, PsyD

Licensed Psychologist

Tegan (she/her...

Former Trainees

Andre Casas, The Wright Institute
Stella Ko, Denver University
Nolan Krueger, The University of Texas, Austin
Apoorvee Sawhney, The University of Missouri-Columbia

Paul Eastman, Florida State University
Emily El-Oqlah, The University of Memphis
Jevon Rice, Alliant International University, San Francisco
Monica Becerra, Southern Illinois University, Carbondale

Sonia Amin, Western Michigan University