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I like him more than "just a friend"

July 4, 2014
I have become pretty good friends with one of my guy friends. Unfortunately, as I got to know him better, I liked him more as more than a friend. I’m too afraid to say anything about it to him because I think it will make things weird and I’m afraid to lose the friendship. It has also been previously awkward between us because we’ve made out and such at parties and I’m just glad that the awkward stage is over. But now I’m not sure what to do if I like him as more than a friend.

Good looking roommate gets job

July 3, 2014
My roommate and I have been living together since our freshman year in the dorms. I’ll admit, he’s a little unmotivated, nice looking guy who is constantly under the influence of something. I, myself, am a bit opposite, but we get along great - I am pre-med, constantly studying and/or doing research. My question is this: does physical attraction/physique increase the chances of being hired? Like hot bartenders at a high-end nightclub…

Never kissed or dated

July 6, 2014
I am bisexual and finally happy that I can admit it. But I am worried about myself because I have never had a partner. I have never even kissed or dated someone. Everytime school is on a break and I go home, everyone asks me if I have found someone. It makes me feel like there’s something wrong with me. I do want to find that person, but I’m also embarrassed about my lack of experience and just feel like I need to vent about it.