Student Health Insurance Advisory Committee (SHIAC)

The Student Health Insurance Advisory Committee (SHIAC) discusses the health of the SHIP, provides input on the cost of the premium and plan design changes, and advises on SHIP communications.

As voted in by students and passed by the UC Regents, the University requires that all eligible students have major medical insurance, and provides the Berkeley Student Health Insurance Plan (SHIP) to meet this requirement. SHIP includes medical, dental and vision coverage.


Membership on SHIAC is by appointment from the following organizations: ASUC (2 members), Committee on Student Fees (2 members), Graduate Assembly (3 members) and the Student Health Advisory Committee (2 members).

Meeting Agendas and Minutes

Spring 2018 

Friday, February 9, 2018

  • Updated renewal options
  • Feedback from other groups
  • Discussion/recommendations
  • See public notes

Friday, February 2, 2018

  • Welcome back
  • Renewal timeline review
  • Trendline reports review
  • SHIP renewal options
  • Discussion
  • See public notes

Fall 2017 

Friday, October 27, 2017  

  • Welcome and introductions
  • Role of SHIAC, UHS and campus

  • SHIAC group agreements

  • SHIP 101

  • Renewal and timeline

Friday, November 17, 2017  

  • SHIP Plan Performance Overview
  • Introduction of Possible Renewal Scenarios
  • Next Meeting and Feedback Homework
  • See public notes 

See SHIAC archive for previous years. 

See SHIAC bylaws

Contact SHIAC Listserv

If you would like to contact the entire student and staff SHIAC committee, please email membership listserv. 

NOTE: this is a listserv that includes students; please do not use this address for SHIP general inquires or to send any personal health information. Click here for SHIP contact information.