Health Fee Advisory Board (HFAB)

The Health Fee Advisory Board (HFAB) advises University Health Services and campus administration on matters related to the Campus Health Care Fee paid during registration.

Campus Health Care Fee

In March 2005 during the Safeguard Student Health Care Fee Referendum, students voted for a health fee that would protect and improve access to services at University Health Services. The collection of the fee began in the Fall of 2005. 

Each year, the Health Fee Advisory Board (HFAB) conducts an analysis and recommends a Campus Health Care Fee level for the following year. For more information about the fee:

Health Fee Advisory Board

HFAB reviews allocations of Campus Health Care Fee monies and recommends annually to campus health officials any change in the fee level. The committee reviews data, meets with the Executive Director and managers at University Health Services, and provides written recommendations. Members are appointed by the ASUC, Committee on Student Fees, Graduate Assembly, and Student Health Advisory Committee. HFAB meets the campus requirement to have student representation on a committee regarding the use of a mandatory campus-based fee.

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Staff to the Committee: Bene Gatzert