Automated External Defibrillator (AED) Program at UC Berkeley AED heart

AEDs have existed on the UC Berkeley campus since 2006. Not only are they located in most public buildings, there are AEDs located in UCB police vehicles (mobile), sports and spectator venues, recreational sports facilities (RSF) and many UCB departments.

The California Code of Regulations mandates that AEDs be inspected on a regular basis. Previous to January 1, 2016, inspection of AEDs was required every 30 days. Pursuant to amendments (Section 1797.196 of the California Health and Safety code) that frequency has been changed to at least every 90 days. The program continues to assure that the AEDs are maintained in good working order and have parts replaced as needed. The maintenance and inspection program is managed centrally by EH&S and UHS, and coordinates with departments that maintain large number of AEDs.

Map of UC Berkeley Automated External Defibrillator Locations

On the above map, if you click on a red location marker, more information will display helping you find the exact location of the AED.

For fun: We have noticed that individuals who are proponents of AEDs have started to upload UCB AED locations into the smartphone app: AED Spotter. This app was developed by the non-profit organization Racing Hearts Foundations from Palo Alto, CA. It was originally designed to create a map that Palo Alto firefighters could use to locate AEDs, but it has become very popular. If you click on the map from within the app, you can see AEDs located across the USA, and a few in Europe and China!

AED Map Location Table

Name Description
Barrows Hall On Disaster Evacuation Chair cabinet 1st floor
Birge Hall On 1st Floor
The Law Building, 1st Floor In elevator A alcove, by room 117
The Law Building, 2nd Floor In corridor
The Law Building, 3rd Floor By elevator E
The Law Building, Level L1 Left of library circulation desk
California Hall On Disability emergency chair, across stairs
Calvin Hall 2nd floor elevator lobby
Clark Kerr Track Below the track field off the dirt road
California Memorial Stadium Concourse Level California Memorial Stadium Concourse, West, outside of Stair 3
California Memorial Stadium Field Club North California Memorial Stadium Plaza level, outside of Rec Sports Center, between stairs 4 and 6
California Memorial Stadium Field Club South California Memorial Stadium Plaza level, between California Memorial Stadium and Simpson 3rd floor entry, outside of Visitors Complex
California Memorial Stadium North Tunnel California Memorial Stadium North Tunnel, West wall, outside of facilities office
California Memorial Stadium Press Box, Floor 7 California Memorial Stadium, 7th floor, outside Elevator 1, Southwest end, outside of Press Box
California Memorial Stadium University Club, Floor 8 California Memorial Stadium 8th floor, outside Stair 2, Southwest end restrooms, University Club
Cory Hall On Disaster Evacuation Chair cabinet 2nd floor entrance from Hearst
Crash Kit, SPTMD OFC, Floor 1 Simpson 170, SPTMD office
Crossroads Dining Hall In dining hall on ramp column
Davis Hall 3rd Floor By elevator
Davis Hall 6th Floor By elevator
Doe Library Near data lab 189, left of door, upstairs
Dwinelle Hall #1 On Disaster Evacuation Chair cabinet in south half in stairway
Dwinelle Hall #2 Near entrance of Ishi Court
Earl Warren Hall 1st floor kitchenette
Edwards Track North end outside of Tennis Offices
Energy Biosciences Building #1 1st floor elevator
Energy Biosciences Building #2 4th floor elevator
Etcheverry Hall 3rd floor north on Disaster Evacuation Chair cabinet
Evans Hall 1st floor foyer, left of phone booths
Faculty Hall Men's In office behind front desk
Faculty Hall Women's Right of front door
Giannini Hall 1st floor in hallway by northeast stairs entrance
Greek Theater
Haas Faculty Building 4th floor in phone alcove
Haas Pavilion ATQ Office Haas 2nd Floor, inside SPTMD office
Haas Pavilion, North Side Haas 2nd Floor, North side, between North Training Quarters and Weight Room
Haas Student Building Mobile kept in Zellerbach
Haviland Hall On Disaster Evacuation Chair cabinet, ground floor by elevators
Hearst Gym In 1st floor elevator alcove
Hertz Hall On Disaster Evacuation Chair cabinet in 1st floor lobby, drinking fountain side
Hildebrand Hall D level by South elevator
International House Front desk
Koshland On Disaster Evacuation Chair cabinet in 1st floor lobby
Kroeber Hall On left side on Disaster Evacuation Chair cabinet in 1st floor north lobby
La Loma Parking Lot In parking lot, Northeast entrance from La Loma
Latimer Hall 4th floor east
Lawrence Hall of Science To left of elevator in main lobby
Levine-Witter Softball Field Restrooms between Levine-Fricke Softball and Witter Rugby Fields
Li Ka Shing  
Maxwell In parking lot, south entrance
McCone Hall 1st floor lobby, right of elevator facing east
Memorial Stadium Fitness Center Mounted on wall near the office
Minor Hall: Eye Center Addition AED Cabinet by right of elevator
Moffitt Library At security desk
Morgan Hall 1st floor hallway or 1st floor on Disaster Evacuation Chair cabinet
New Le Conte 3rd floor, on red wall, by book drop
Old Le Conte 1st floor, across from room 127 on Disaster Evacuation Chair cabinet
RSF East Internal main atrium (East)
Simpson Center: 1st Floor, North End Simpson Centre 1st floor lobby between training quarter and weight room, behind soda machine
Simpson Center: 1st Floor, South End Simpson 1st Floor lobby between South Training Quarters and Weight Room
Simpson Center: 2nd Floor, North End Simpson 2nd Floor Football entry, North side
Simpson Center: 2nd Floor, South End Simpson 2nd Floor Olympic Entry, South end
Simpson Center: 3rd Floor, South End Simpson 3rd Floor entry, outside kitchenette
Simpson Spare South Training Quarters storage
Soda Hall On Disaster Evacuation Chair cabinet in 4th floor lobby
South Scoreboard California Memorial Stadium South Scoreboard, underneath East wall
Space Sciences Lab Addition Addition
Space Sciences Lab Annex By sink and fridge
Stanley Hall 1st floor on same wall as Disaster Evacuation Chair cabinet but to the left
Strawberry Canyon Rec Center On west side of bathrooms, outside
Sutardja Dai Hall #1 5th Floor Lab
Sutardja Dai Hall #2 3rd floor
Sutardja Dai Hall #3 3rd floor lab
Sutardja Dai Hall #4 6th floor
Tang Center On Disaster Evacuation Chair cabinet, west lobby
Tolman Hall 3rd floor west
UC Berkeley Extension 2nd floor by admissions
UCB Art Museum Ground floor above fire hose
Underhill Field Left Side Storage Closet 
Unit 1 (2650 Durant Ave) Across from Gym
University Hall On Disaster Evacuation Chair cabinet in lobby
Valley Life Sciences Building On Disaster Evacuation Chair cabinet, across hall from 2063
Wheeler Hall Across wheelchair escalator in southwest corner
Wurster Hall On Disaster Evacuation Chair cabinet in 1st floor lobby
Zellerbach Hall Backstage Backstage North
Zellerbach Hall Lobby On Disability emergency chair in south lobby


The AEDs are typically located in lobbies of public buildings on campus, either near or attached to the Disaster Evacuation Chair cabinet.
Look for signage with the AED heart. 

aed sign

What is an AED?

An Automated External Defibrillator (also known as an AED) is a type of computerized medical device. When properly placed on a person’s chest, it can analyze the heart’s rhythm and apply an electrical shock if needed. It will not give a shock to a normally beating heart. The AED uses voice prompts, lights and pictures to tell the rescuer the steps to take. The State of California regulates public access to AEDs (California Code of Regulations, Title 22, Division 9, Chapter 1.8, Lay Rescuer Automatic External Defibrillator Regulations), and requires that policies and procedures be put in place to ensure the effectiveness and availability of AEDs. There has been an amendment to the regulations governing the maintenance and upkeep of an AED program, effective January 1, 2016.

Who can use an AED?

AEDs are extremely easy to use.  The changes to the law has also changed the frequency and type of training required for a business to manage a public access AED program.  Whereas, the previous regulations required at least one person in every building that had an AED maintain certification in CPR and the use of an AED, the newer regulations only require that we have demonstrate how to use an AED and that we offer this annually to at least one person. This can be in person training, or through a video. We plan to put this training on the UC learning site.  Any person who has gone through CPR/AED training or viewed the demonstration of the use of an AED has the skills to  successfully use an AED. Anyone else can, at their discretion, provide voluntary assistance to victims of medical emergencies. California “Good Samaritan” law in the Health and Safety code specifically protects from liability any individual who volunteers to renders assistance to someone in an emergency situation, as long as the actions are in good faith and not compensated for (Section 1799.102). These volunteer responders are encouraged to contribute to emergency response only to the extent they are comfortable. 

Where can I get training?

We encourage all individuals of any age to be trained in providing CPR and in the use of an AED.

AED video demonstration:
We ask that at least one person in each building, per shift view this video. It only takes about fifteen minutes to watch the two videos and read accompannying slides. This will be coordinated through the AED program. 

We also encourage all of the campus staff and faculty to view this informative video.

CPR/AED Certification Class

Berkeley Medical Reserve Corps ( is an organized unit of medical volunteers, including students and community volunteers dedicated to UCB.  They provide medical coverage at UC Berkeley events and they offer low cost CPR/AED training and certification to all members of the UCB campus community.  Contact the CPR Coordinator for information on cost, times and locations of classes or visit their website,  Facebook page, or Eventbrite page. Their Eventbrite page will allow you to register. 

Cal Recreational Sports offers CPR and First Aid Classes. All instructors are American Red Cross certified. 

The Red Cross offers many classes, including online trainings in first aid, CPR and AED use.

Program oversight

The University of California, Berkeley AED Program is jointly managed by University Health Services and Environment, Health & Safety.

Program Director: Brandon DeFrancisci, EH&S
Field Technician: Han Nguyen, EH&S

Contact Information
Questions? Please contact the University of California, Berkeley AED Program at

If you are a Cal student and are interested in AEDs and your community, DeCal offers a course called: SHOCKS: Saving the Hearts of California Kids. It is a student facilitated course, with guest speakers discussing aspects of cardiac physiology, AED programs, and it includes CPR/AED certification from the Berkeley Medical Reserve Corps.