Social Services provides individual counseling, group counseling, and consultation.

Individual Counseling

We provide support services for: 

Group Counseling

Call Social Services at (510) 642-6074 for more information. 

More groups are available on the Counseling and Psychological Services Groups webpage>

See UHS Social Services Dept group counseling flyer >

Harm Reduction Groups

Alcohol and Other Drug Harm Reduction

These weekly groups acknowledge that different goals work for different people. With the support of the group, you can work on finding the right balance for yourself, in order to get what you want from your substance use choices, without the things you don’t want. Please call Social Services at 510-642-6074, to set up an intake with an AOD counselor to get started.
  • FALL 2023 - Tuesday, 3-4:30 pm (Justin Castello, PhD & Sabrina Van Zuiden, MSW)
  • FALL 2023 - Friday, 2-3:30 pm (Robin Walley, LCSW & Erin Power, MSW, MSW)

Pathways to Health and Healing

Undergraduate & Graduate Students 

This weekly group is for students who navigate the impacts of physical injuries and/or newly diagnosed or chronic health conditions. Welcoming of all social and cultural identities, this space seeks to build a community for coping and thriving. Themes will include the powerful connection between mind and body; how past body pain, negative thoughts, and challenging emotions can resurface with present stressors; and the intersections of identity, health, and healing. Members will exchange and co-create strategies that promote wellbeing in their daily lives. If interested, please contact Social Services at 510-642-6074 to connect with a group facitor.


Survivors Support Group  

This group provides a supportive environment for survivors of sexual assault to gather together and build community. Participants will learn to better understand their present lives in the context of their experiences while learning and practicing skills in grounding and mindfulness. Join this support group of survivors to reclaim a sense of personal power and well-being, as we know healing is amplified by connection. Please call Social Services at 510-642-6074, to set up an intake with Tiffany to get started.   

*This group is open to survivors of all genders. This group is free and confidential*

  • Thursdays, 1:15-2:30pm Hosted via Zoom (Tiffany Lin, LCSW)
    FALL 2023: September 21 - November 30

Gender Support Group 

This group is for transgender, nonbinary, gender expansive, agender, gender diverse, and genderqueer students to come together in a safe, collaborative, nonjudgemental space. Together we will discuss a variety of topics related to being on the gender spectrum including gender identity, intersectional identities, different aspects of transition, coming out and being out at UC Berkeley, navigating family of origin considerations, community resources, academic stress, relationships, sexuality, and resilience.  

  • Thursday, 2:15 - 3:45 pm (Hez Wollin, LCSW)
    FALL 2023: October 5 - November 30 

Workshops by Request for Student Groups and Departments

The counseling staff provide workshops and trainings for student groups, academic departments, and administrative units on a variety of mental health issues, as well as, providing information on how to refer students for counseling.

Call UHS CAPS department at (510) 642-9494 to discuss your workshop needs. Leave a message with your name, phone number, times you will be available by phone, and a brief message with your concern or request.

Call UHS Social Services department at (510) 642-6074 for workshop requests related to eating disorders,  alcohol and other drugs, sexual assault, or relationship violence. 

Contact Us

UHS Social Services Dept, 2222 Bancroft Way #2280 (2nd floor), Berkeley, CA 94720
Phone: (510) 642-6074
Front Office Hours: Monday - Friday, 9-11:45 am & 1-4 pm
Remote Calls: 8 am-5 pm

Appointments: Please leave a voicemail at (510) 642-6074 to schedule an intake or a return appointment. Please note: Social Services staff might call you back using an unknown phone number or blocked number, so please make sure your phone is not automatically blocking our calls.

Nutrition Services: For general nutritional concerns/meeting with a Registered Dietician, please leave a message with Social Services at (510) 642-6074.

Eating Disorder (ED) Clinic: Please call (510) 643-7110 to schedule a medical visit, or call Social Services to schedule a counseling and/or nutrition appointment related to ED.

Medical Withdrawal: If you have questions or want to submit documentation regarding medical withdrawal, please email or call (510) 642-6074.