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Academic Adjustments and Medical Withdrawals

For academic adjustments related to emotional or psychological issues, please speak directly with your counselor/psychiatrist in Counseling and Psychological Services or Social Services. If you are not in treatment at UHS, we are unable to document your situation.


The UHS registered dietitians provide medical nutrition therapy and nutrition education for any UC Berkeley student.


What's Eating You: Nutrition Resources

What's Eating You? Do you have a healthy relationship with food?

Maybe you or someone you care about is struggling with eating too much, not eating enough, eating on a budget, body image issues, or just a desire to have better eating habits. We can help!


Social Services provides individual counseling, group counseling, and consultation.

Community-Based Support Groups and Meetings

Community-Based Support Groups and Meetings

For a list of groups, including 12-step, that meet on or near campus please select a link to get current information on times and locations.

Download the Support Group Meetings Handout or see the information below.

Outreach Requests

The Nutrition team is available for outreach to campus groups and organizations desiring information on common nutrition issues.

Outreach events include presentations, cooking demonstrations, and workshops on topics such as eating for optimal health, eating on a budget, and body image and eating disorder prevention. 

Nutrition Events

The UHS nutrition team provides regularly scheduled free nutrition events on and around campus:


When you are managing and balancing a busy life of work, family, fun, and other responsibilities, who has time to think about what you are going to eat three to six times a day? However, the fact is a good diet filled with nutrient-rich foods is beneficial, not just for your health, but also for your well-being.

Alcohol and Other Drugs

Social Services offers a range of alcohol and other drug-related services, supporting a spectrum of harm reduction goals for individuals and our campus community.

There is no charge to get started, and all registered students can access services regardless of their insurance plan.