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Workers' Compensation  

Where can I find general information on UC Berkeley’s workers’ compensation program?

Disability Management Services provides detailed information on the University of California, Berkeley’s Workers’ Compensation program for supervisors in their online Workers’ Compensation Handbook for Supervisors

What should I expect after my employee has a workers’ compensation appointment? 

After every workers’ compensation visit with us, the employee is provided with two copies of a Medical Evaluation for work. This document will explain any work restrictions the provider feels are needed for the recovery of the patient. It will also inform you of the period those restrictions will be in effect. Generally, restrictions are in effect until the employee’s next appointment with us. It is the employee’s responsibility to provide this document to their supervisor.  

What if I need help interpreting or accommodating the restrictions on the Medical Evaluation for Work? 

We realize that interpreting restrictions to accommodate them can be difficult. We make every attempt to make the restrictions precise and clear. Disability Management Services (DMS) provides information and assistance with creating transitional work programs that accommodate the restrictions and help get the employee back to work.   

Screening Programs

How do I get a respirator for an employee?

UC Berkeley’s Environment, Health & Safety Department evaluates workplaces for possible airborne hazards and recommends ways to reduce these hazards when found. Contact EH&S if you believe an employee needs a respirator. You can find more information at the EH&S Respiratory Protection Program. This program is administered in cooperation with the Tang Center’s Occupational Health Clinic. 

What if my employee still wants a respirator, even though it is not recommended by EH&S?

This is called the Voluntary Use Respirator Program.  Supervisors must provide Appendix D  of the CalOSHA Respirator Use Standard to the employee, which can be obtained from EH&S.  The employee must read and sign the acknowledgment portion of Appendix D. Voluntary users of respirators must also medically qualify for use through OHC, and be fit-tested by EH&S.  

My employee had a screening visit, but we haven’t received the clearance documentation. 

Occasionally, clearances from our screening programs can be delayed. If you have any questions about any outstanding clearances, please call our front desk at (510) 642-6891.  


What do I do in the case of a hazardous material spill/exposure?

If there is a life-threatening emergency originating from a hazardous material spill/exposure please call 911 immediately. To report the incident, contact EH&S at (510) 642-3073 (off-hours contact (510) 642-3333). EH&S will direct the patient on whether they need to follow up with the Occupational Health Clinic.  

Other Questions

Can I have my blood pressure checked at OHC?

No. While blood pressure is taken during most visits in OHC, we do not provide any blood pressure checks unless they are within the scope of a screening exam or workers' compensation visit. Contact your primary medical physician for any non-work-related blood pressure readings.