Campus Surveillance Testing

About Surveillance Testing

UHS offers free regular COVID-19 screening for students and faculty and staff who are on campus for work. Testing is also available for visiting scholars, postdocs, and visiting students who have a CalNet ID/affiliate ID.

This testing is not intended for those who currently have COVID-19 symptoms. Please see the symptomatic testing/close exposure section for more information.

Those who have been diagnosed with COVID-19 should not get surveillance testing for 90 days following their positive test. 

Testing Requirements for Campus Access Badge

The campus access badge will show compliance with the testing requirements (see testing requirements below) and those who may be reaching that 180-day mark will get a secure message from eTang, 2 weeks before the 180 days are up, letting you know you will need to take another UHS COVID-19 surveillance test within (and not before) the 2-week timeframe to be in compliance with the testing policy. Your badge will then show compliance for another 90 days. It is not possible to have tests performed off-campus count toward the testing requirement.

Be on the lookout for the eTang secure message or check your testing badge on eTang to see when yours is set to expire. After you have tested, your COVID-19 testing badge will update overnight.

COVID-19 Testing by appointment only (book on eTang).

Campus Surveillance Testing Requirements for Faculty, Staff, and Students

Vaccinated (You’re considered fully vaccinated 14 days after your final vaccine dose AND any booster shot if eligible.).

  • For vaccinated students, faculty and staff surveillance testing not required for 180 days from the date you are fully vaccinated, then you schedule a campus surveillance test 2 weeks before the testing badge is set to expire (not before that 2 week period), and then testing badge will be green/cleared for another 90 days.

Vaccinated Students living in on-campus housing

  • Monthly testing is required. 

Unvaccinated / Not yet fully vaccinated / eligble for booster but unboosted

  • For students, faculty and staff who are unvaccinated, not yet fully vaccinated or eligble for booster but unboosted, weekly testing is required to access campus.

For those that are vaccinated, please upload your outside vaccine / booster record to eTang. To receive a compliant green testing badge, you must have at least one COVID test through a campus testing site.

If you enter outside vaccine information into eTang, it will update your badge status overnight based on the information you entered.  Please make sure to carefully enter the dates.

UHS' COVID-19 Response Efforts

Location & Hours

The large field house at RSF

Monday-Friday, 8am-5pm.  Closed from 11:45 - 12:20 for lunch.

Note: Extended hours for night shift staff only, Fridays, 5 am-8 am.

By appointment only (book on eTang).


What to Expect

Check out the self-swab instructional PDF and self-swab video for a preview of what to expect. 

Please remember to wear your face mask at all times until instructed to remove it for the test. 

When you check in for your testing appointment, you will be asked to share your appointment barcode.

You will be taking an FDA-approved self-administered nasal swab test.  There will be clinical staff there to assist you with this process. 

Your Test Results

You can find your results in the eTang system within 48 hours and we encourage you to check. Notifications about results are sent out the day after results are loaded. Positives are called, otherwise, you will receive a message through the eTang portal.

UC Berkeley Self-Swab Testing for COVID-19