Campus Surveillance Testing

About Campus Surveillance Testing

University Health Services offers regular COVID-19 screening at the Rec Sports Facility for certain campus populations. The campus is in the process of expanding the capacity to offer additional campus surveillance testing to more high priority groups over the next few weeks, including additional locations.

Currently, regular COVID-19 screening is required for students living in on-campus residental halls and highly recommended for those living in congregate housing (on-campus apartments, Greek and Co-op housing) and for staff that are considered essential campus workers as designated by their department or program.  

This surveillance testing is NOT intended for those who currently have COVID-19 symptoms and is not ideal for those who have been in close contact with a case within the past 2 weeks.  If you fall into one of these categories please book an appointment at eTang or seek care urgently, if you are severely ill. Also please see the Clinical Symptomatic Testing and for Close Exposure section for more information.

 As of September 8 the new surveillance testing site is located at the Rec Sports Facility (RSF). Testing hours will be 8:30am - 3:00pm.  Appointments are required and can be booked for those groups noted below on eTang.

female student looking at her swab before doing a covid swab test. Two other students are next to her socially distanced.

What to expect at your COVID-19 test

  • Please remember to wear your face mask at all times, until instructed to remove it for the test. Cloth coverings are fine but they MUST cover both nose and mouth.

  • When you check-in for your testing appointment, you will be asked to share your appointment barcode.

  • You will be taking an FDA approved self-administered nasal swab test.  There will be clinical staff there to assist you with this process.  Here are self-swabbing instructions to get familiar with ahead of your test.  These instructions are also posted at the testing site.

Results will be available in 2-3 days; positives are called, otherwise, you will receive a message through the eTang portal.

Students Living in On-Campus Housing

  • Who: Students living in Unit 1, Unit 2, Unit 3, Blackwell Hall, Clark Kerr Campus, Maximino Martinez Resdidents Hall residents.

  • How often: required 2 times a week testing.

  • Where: The surveillance testing is located at the Rec Sports Facility (RSF). The testing site will be open 8:30am–3pm on testing days.

  • How to book appointments: University Health Services eTang.

Students Living in Off-Campus UCB Affiliate Housing

Other Students, Faculty, and Staff

  • Who: Currently, we are providing surveillance - screening - testing for essential campus workers as designated by their program. 
  • How often: recommended 1 time per week testing.
  • Where:  The surveillance testing is located at the Rec Sports Facility (RSF). The testing site will be open 8:30am–3pm on testing days. 
  • How to book appointments: All testing requires an appointment booked through University Health Service's eTang.

All other UC Berkeley faculty and staff who are currently approved to be on campus during the pandemic can get tested through the IGI Saliva Testing (Fast) Study. Find out more and sign up for an appointment with IGI.