Student Health Insurance Advisory Board (SHIAC)

Student Health Insurance Advisory Board (SHIAC)

University Health Service’s Student Health Insurance Advisory Committee (SHIAC) provides input and advises on a variety of aspects of student health insurance. The purpose of SHIAC is to identify informational, communication, and educational needs of SHIP members, review high level insurance data to help advise UHS on potential SHIP plan design changes, provide feedback on perception of SHIP and share ideas and recommendations regarding the referral process and ease of understanding and using of SHIP.

SHIAC membership

Membership consists (1 member) appointed from the ASUC Student Advocate’s Office, (1 member) appointed by the ASUC, (2 members) appointed by the Graduate Assembly, (1 member) appointed from the Committee on Student Fees, (1 member) from SHAC, (1 member) from the Disabled Student Leaders Coalition, (1 member) that is a student parent, and (1-2 at-large members).  Committee members must be active SHIP members. 

Meeting Details

Meeting for 2021-22 will be monthly and will start in late October.  There will be 3 meetings in the Fall and 4 meetings in the Spring. 

Contact Us

Interested in applying or have questions, email