Transgender Care

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Our goal is to ensure trans and gender non-conforming students receive the highest quality care in a supportive, respectful space.


Key services include appropriate cancer screening (PAPs, prostates, and more), STD screening, hormone therapy (Female to MaleMale to Female), and coordination of care and outside referrals. Since each person has a different story and may be at a different stage in their transition, we suggest you make an appointment with one of the Trans Care Team clinicians. This allows us to get to know you, review your medical history, and work with you to get you the assistance you need.

If you are considering hormone therapy, we strongly recommend viewing Female to Male or Male to Female before your medical visit to help you identify issues you would like to review with your clinician.


Establishing care with our Trans Care Team entails making a telemedicine appointment with one of our clinicians. You will be able to ask questions and create a plan of care that is right for you. You can get started with the Trans Care Team in one of two ways:

  • Call Zayani Lavergne-Friedman, RN, at (510) 664-9926. Zayani is on the Primary Care Team and the first point of contact for the Trans Care Team. She can assist with scheduling, care coordination as well as other trans related questions or requests.
  • You can self-schedule using the eTang portal. In order to be able to self-schedule for a trans care telemedicine appointment, you must have one of the trans care clinicians listed as your Primary Care Provider (PCP). Take a look at the clinicians on the Trans Care Team below and identify someone you would like to make your appointment with (this can always be changed). Once this clinician is chosen, go onto the eTang portal and make them your Primary Care Provider (PCP). In the eTang portal go to “Profile," then under “Current Primary Care Provider” click on “Edit.” This will allow you to search for the name of the chosen trans care clinician.  Once you have designated your PCP, you will be able to self-schedule on the eTang portal.

Name and Gender Change Options

Edit chosen name, pronoun, and gender identity on eTang

Students have the option to edit their chosen name, pronouns, and gender identity via the eTang Patient Portal. This change is a direct result of student feedback and UHS is excited to make it a reality! To make changes to your profile, login to the eTang Patient Portal, click the 'edit' button to the right of your information, and select from a drop-down list. Visit this eTang name change page for more information and a picture how-to. 

University Health Services gets official student information directly from the Registrar’s office. Any requested changes should be requested through these processes:

Name and gender change 
Any student who wants to change any personal information in Cal Central may go to Cal Student Central in 120 Sproul Hall. You will be asked to complete the "Request for Academic Correction Form" and must provide the proper documentation i.e court order etc. and a government-issued ID that has the correct personal information (Name/Gender/DOB/SSN). The form, along with copies of the documentation then go to Academic Records to change the information; the process usually takes 3-5 business days. Once the student has completed their paperwork and the proper documentation, they may ask for Grace Padua (124 Sproul Hall, directly and she will make personally make the changes in the system.

Change of preferred name 
Students can change their “Preferred Name” at UC Berkeley by from the Registrar’s Office. This change will show on class rosters, campus directory, and Cal 1 Card without needing official documentation to make the change. If students want to change the name and/or gender with the Registrar, they will need to go through the official name and gender change process.


University Health Services has multiple counselors who have experience working with gender identity questions and with transgender/gender nonconforming students. See below for the counselors on the UHS Transgender Care Team. To make an appointment with a TCT provider, call the Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS) front desk: 642-9494. You can request to meet with a TCT counselor (see below), or with a queer-identified UHS counselor. If you are seeking gender confirmation surgery, you can learn more about the process on our flowchart

Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS) offers a wide range of counseling and mental health services to support you around academic, personal, career, and health-related concerns, while also addressing your gender-related needs.

Social Services provides mental health counseling and support around substance use and dependence, intimate partner violence, sexual assault and harassment, nutrition, pregnancy, sexual health, and medical concerns/conditions, while also creating space to navigate concerns related to your gender identity.

Meet the Trans Care Team

Zayani RN 

Zayani Lavergne-Friedman, RN, is the first point of contact for the Transcare teamPlease contact her directly at (510) 664-9926 to get started.

Primary Care

allison aiken Allison Aiken, MD

Anna Harte Anna Harte, MD

Amy Hockenbrock Amy Hockenbrock, MD

Michelle Kay Michelle Katznelson, MSFNP

Katie Leach NP Katie Leach, FNP, MSN

Joann Moschella DO Joann Moscella, DO

Sandeep Lehil, NP Sandeep Lehil, NP

Trans Health Consultant

 Maddie Deutsch, MD

Maddie is based out of UCSF and is a leading expert in the field of trans health.

Mental Health Clinicians

Laura Alie Laura Alie, PsyD, Psychologist 

Tiffany Lin  Tiffany Hsiang Lin, LCSW, Social Worker

Jai Jones social worker Jai Jones, CSW, Social Worker

 Tobirus Newby, LCSW, Social Worker


 Aurora Ortiz, NP 


Aimee Jacques Aimee Jacques, SHIP 

See Meet the Staff to learn more about our Trans Care Team. 

Pride 2020: Moving Toward Liberation. A message from the UHS Trans Care Team
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The Trans Care Team at University Health Services is here to guide and support you through this process, ensuring that your surgery will have the best possible outcome. This takes time: our best piece of advice is to take your first steps at least 3-6 months before your hoped-for surgery date.

To understand your options on campus, regardless of insurance, see our Insurance help page and Insurance Benefits for Transgender Students. For questions, you may also contact SHIP and ask for the SHIP Trans Care Benefits Coordinator.

If your child has recently begun to question her/his/their gender or has come out to you as transgender, chances are you have some questions.

Perhaps she/he/they have requested a preference for a new name or pronoun, or have talked with you about her/his/their desire to take hormones. See our Transgender Care: For Parents and Family resources page a list of online and print resources, as well as avenues for finding support.

Get information on preventative care such as PAP smears, STI screenings, and more

See what resources are available for transgender care on-campus, off-campus, and online.

Interested in birth control? See the handout on birth control across the gender spectrum.

Tips for graduating trans and gender non-confirming students flyer