Promote the message

Support a Smoke-Free campus by integrating messages and practices into the communities you are a part of.

Post Breathe materials

  • Download Breathe campaign graphics and:
    • Post in your office or campus residence
    • Post at known smoking hotspots and building entrances
    • Add to your website with a hyperlink to this site
    • Upload as the wallpaper or screen saver on your personal or departmental devices.
  • Affix "Thank you for not smoking here" decals (6"x8"), especially to cover outdated "no smoking" signage (email to request).

Influence your community

  • Reference the Tobacco-Free policy in orientations for new members/staff.
  • Organize a cigarette butt pick-up for the area outside your building.
  • Discuss how to create a healthier environment within your community, and include smoking-related issues as part of that.
  • Use one of UCOP's sample communications to deliver a proactive message to your staff/community members.

Talk to individuals

  • Reach out to offer non-judgmental support to community members who might be trying to quit smoking.
  • Respectfully confront people who are in violation of the Smoke-Free policy.

Sample of 6"x8" decal for campus buildings

Sample of badge to add to organizational website