Birth control options and the new pharmacy ruling

August 15, 2016

On April 8, 2016, a new option was enacted by the Board of Pharmacy permitting (not requiring) pharmacists to dispense hormonal contraceptives without prescriptions. There are multiple steps involved, however: the pharmacist must conduct a patient interview along with a patient screening questionnaire, check or review a recent blood pressure, select the appropriate product, and communicate with the patient's care provider. If the screening process or blood pressure assessment identifies any area of concern, the pharmacist is not allowed to dispense contraceptives and a visit with your clinician will be suggested to further evaluate this. Participating pharmacists are required to take training courses before they can advise patients under the new regulation. UHS is still reviewing the regulation, and planning the best process for implementation through the Pharmacy. Stay tuned! 

GOOD NEWS - Birth control without an appointment beginning August 1, 2016 

You may now start, refill or renew oral contraceptives, patch or rings without an appointment through a UHS nurse via eTang messaging

 Log in to eTang > select Messages > New Message > Click "Send a medication request to the UHS pharmacy" > click "Start a new prescription for birth control ONLY (pills, patches, or ring)." or refill or renew prescription. 


Current Birth Control Options at Tang 

See our Sexual Health - Get Protected page to learn more about birth control options currently available at the Tang Center.

New Birth Control Prescriptions

Many methods of contraception are available at the Tang Center. NEW: You may now start, refill or renew birth control oral contraceptives, patch or rings without an appointment through a UHS nurse via eTang messaging(link is external)

If you would like general information about the options available at the Tang Center, a great first step would be to make a free health education appointment (this is a counseling visit only). If you are ready for a prescription or to start the process to obtain an IUD, diaphragm, DepoProvera, or implant, please schedule an appointment online(link is external) with a clinician or call the appointment office at (510) 642-2000. Appointments are usually available within 24 hours.