Off Campus Counseling Referrals

Counseling and Psychological Services can help connect you with an off campus provider, regardless of your insurance plan. 

Sometimes seeking therapy or medication services off campus is your best option to address a particular concern or meet your individual needs. If CAPS has recommended off-campus services or you are looking into them on your own, the information on this page can help.

California clinicians are limited to practicing telemental health with clients who are physically in California.

If you are outside of California and looking to connect with a mental health provider, please see below for options.

Students with SHIP

Students in the US, but outside of California

Students outside the US

  • You are eligible to find any provider in the country you are physically located in. Please note that you will be responsible for the full cost of the appointment at the time of the appointment, but can submit a claim for reimbursement to Wellfleet (who SHIP is contracted with). You will then be reimbursed for the appointment except for your copay ($15). Please contact SHIP for more information on how to submit a reimbursement.
  • If you need support with finding a provider, please contact Academic Emergency Services.

Students with other insurance plans

Students in the US, but outside of California

  • Contact your insurance carrier to find out what online platforms are available to you to access appointments. They will also be able to provide you information on what your coverage is outside of California.

Students outside the US

For students abroad, we would like to acknowledge that mental health services in other countries may not always be adequate or existent. If you need support figuring out your resources, please complete the Off Campus Mental Health Referral Request Form (found on eTang Patient Portal, and #3 below) and the referral case manager will contact you. 

Recommended ways to connect with an off-campus provider 

  1. CAPS Referral Database 
    We continue to offer help with off-campus counseling referrals which we know can be a process.  If you would like to do your own search, you can now do so by searching by provider demographics, language, location, insurance, specialties and more.  This searchable database contains names of therapists and psychiatrists near the UC Berkeley campus who have expressed interest in working with UC Berkeley students.  At any time if you need help with referrals, you are welcome to request assistance from a CAPS counselor or via the Off Campus Mental Health Referral Request Form below.

  2. Work with a CAPS Counselor 
    If you are currently connected with a UHS mental health provider (CAPS, Social Services, or Behavioral Health Provider), they can work with you to locate an off-campus provider that is maximally accessible, appropriate, and affordable with their health care plan. 

  3. Off Campus Mental Health Referral Request Form (found on eTang Patient Portal
    If you are not connected with a UHS mental health provider (CAPS, Social Services, or Behavioral Health Provider), the Referral Case Manager can help create a personalized list of referrals based on your preferences and help walk you through the process of connecting with a community provider. The Referral Case Manager will provide referrals and consultation by secure message in eTang. You can also take a look at our step by step guide on how to request an "Off Campus Mental Health Provider" Referral

    If you are currently connected to a UHS mental health provider, please let your provider know that you would like support with referrals.

  4. Through your Insurance
    You may also locate in network providers of your choice by calling the customer service number on the back of your health insurance card; by checking your health insurance carrier's website for a provider search feature; or SHIP students can find providers from Wellfleet Student.

  5. Psychology Today
    Psychology Today is another resource for locating behavioral health providers. 

Reasons to see off-campus mental health providers:

  • Off campus, you may be able to see a therapist on evenings or weekends

  • Off campus, you typically have more flexibility to see a therapist for as long as you need or want. This is particularly beneficial when you have longstanding, complex, or more severe issues—you may find that you can make more progress on such issues when you are able to continue in therapy for longer than is usually possible on campus. Furthermore, some students just prefer open-ended rather than brief therapy.

  • Off campus, you often have more choice in the therapist you see, many of whom accept UC Berkeley SHIP Insurance.

  • Off campus, certain services are available that are not available on campus, such as intensive outpatient and inpatient treatment for mental illness, eating disorders, and substance use disorders and comprehensive psychological or educational testing.

  • At times during the academic year, CAPS receives more requests for counseling services than we can address in a timely way, which can result in a wait time, the wait time to begin counseling may be shorter, and weekly appointments are often possible.

  • You may prefer seeing an off-campus therapist for other reasons, such as when you live off campus.