New Carrier for SHIP 2019-20

Fall 2019 SHIP Changes


We are excited to announce that UHS will be partnering with Wellfleet Student for Fall 2019 medical, mental health and pharmacy benefits. Our new partners are experienced in student health and bring innovative healthcare technology, plan customization, and dedicated customer service to our students and their families.


Plan Highlights

  • Our comprehensive SHIP plan will remain a competitive PPO plan with other top tier plans in the health insurance marketplace.

  • There will be no changes to the vision and dental plans.

Starting August 1, 2019, there will be some minimal benefit changes which we have highlighted below:

  • Addition of facial feminization surgery for transgender members

  • Specialty office visit copay of $25

    • Physical Therapy copay remains $15
    • There are no changes to mental health copays (including psychiatry).

  • Emergency room copay of $250 (waived if admitted)

  • Out-of-network coinsurance of 50%

  • Per inpatient admission copay of $250

SHIP 2019-20 Benefits

See the Summary of Benefits and Coverage document

SHIP Pharmacy Formulary

(January 2019 formulary, please note a newer version will be updated to meet California state requirements and posted in May)

SHIP 2019-20 Fees

Cost of SHIP 2019-20

Undergradute Rates
Undergraduates $1,643 per semester
Concurrent $1,643 per semester
Spouse/Domestic Partner $1,643 per semester
Child $1,643 per semester
2+ Children* $3,181 per semester

Graduate Rates
Graduates $2,620 per semester
Concurrent $2,620 per semester
Spouse/Domestic Partner $2,620 per semester
Child $2,620 per semester
2+ Children* $5,106 per semester

*Metlife caps dental premium at 1 child.

SHIP 2019-20 Coverage Dates

Fall 2019 August 1, 2019 - December 31, 2019
Spring 2020 January 1, 2020 - July 31, 2020

Can I continue seeing my current providers?

Medical Services

  • The majority of our current in-network medical providers are also contracted with Blue Shield PPO. We are working on a customized provider search tool for students on Berkeley SHIP.
  • To find out if your current medical provider is in Blue Shield's network
    • Look up your provider on the Blue Shield PPO Provider Search (this is not for mental health providers) or if you can't find them in this tool:
      • Contact the SHIP office to notify us so we can start the process to get them added into Blue Shield's network and/or offer other options so that you can continue your current care.
      • For providers outside of California, use the Cigna Provider Search tool
  • For information on Contuinity of Care or Transition of Care assistance and resources, please see our Provider Resources page

Mental Health Services

  • To find out if your mental health provider is in network, please contact the SHIP office.
  • Berkeley SHIP has a special network arrangement for our mental health providers with a custom fee schedule and will post a custom provider search tool in the coming months.
    • Please note mental health co-pays will not be changing for those seeing in-network providers.

How will this impact the provider network?

  • Blue Shield of California has a well-established provider network in the Bay Area and the country.
  • However, we acknowledge this may cause network disruption for some of our students. Our team has already begun taking steps to minimize these disruptions. 

  • Blue Shield of California and Wellfleet Student have committed to expanding the network where needed.
  • More details about the Fall 2019 plan will be available on our website in the coming months, including options for continuing existing care.
  • Your current SHIP benefits and providers are effective through July 31, 2019. 

SHIP Resources for Providers 


If you have any questions about your current plan or the changes for Fall 2019, please contact the SHIP office at (510) 642-5700, email us at, or send a secure message via eTang