SHIP Dental FAQs

Frequently asked questions about dental coverage:

How does the SHIP dental plan work?

Dental coverage is provided through the MetLife PDP Plus plan. With this plan, you select a provider from a nationwide network of 90,000 MetLife PDP Plus Dentists. More than 500 network dentists are located within five miles of campus.

When you make your appointment, let the dentist know you have coverage through MetLife PDP Plus. Your dentist may ask for your member ID number and group number. The group number is 151675 and your member ID is the same as your Wellfleet or SHIP member IDYou can view and print your ID card by registering at  

You do not need to pre-select a primary dentist, carry an ID card or receive referrals for specialty care. If you visit a dentist who is not a MetLife Dentist, you will still receive benefits, but you will be charged higher out-of-pocket co-payments for the services you receive.

Do I need to file a claim after my visit?

MetLife dentists will file a claim directly to MetLife. If you are responsible for any portion of the charges, you will be expected to pay that amount at the time of service.

If you visit a dentist who is not a MetLife dentist, you may need to pay all charges and file a claim for reimbursement. You may print a claim form at MetLife's website or call MetLife at (800) 942- 0854 to have one sent.

Can I find out how much services will cost prior to treatment?

Yes. You may have your dentist request a pretreatment estimate to determine what services the plan will cover and at what payment level. We strongly recommend a pretreatment estimate if the services are expected to cost more than $200. With the pretreatment estimate, you’ll know exactly what your payment responsibilities are and can discuss treatment options.

Can I waive the dental plan?

Dental coverage is available as part of Berkeley SHIP. If you are enrolled in SHIP, you automatically receive dental coverage. You cannot enroll in or waive dental coverage separate from SHIP.

What if I have more questions?

MetLife’s website provides personalized information about your dental plan benefits. Visit MetLife's website to:
• Choose a dentist and print a map to the dentist’s office.
• Check the status of your claims, including tracking your deductible and year-to-date claims payments.
• Request that the Explanation of Benefits be sent you via e-mail.
• Read answers to frequently asked questions, such as how to interpret the Explanation of Benefits form.

You may also call MetLife at (800) 942-0854 to speak to a dental plan representative.