Emergency Room, Urgent Care and Ambulance

Emergency Room Services

Emergency Room: Pays 100% of network rates after $250 co-pay (co-pay waived if admitted). 

Urgent Care Clinic

At UHS: $35 co-pay for urgent care clinic visit; Plan pays 90% for ancillary services (e.g., labs, x-rays, or durable medical equipment). 

Outside of UHS: Pays 100% after $50 co-pay for network provider. Plan pays 50%1 of non-network rates.


Ambulance - Ground & Air: Pays 90% of charges if patient receives emergency care or is hospitalized.

1Subject to the $450 deductible.

 Advice Nurse

  • Weekday UHS Advice Nurse: During weekday hours, students can call the UHS Advice Nurse line to speak with one of our nurses by calling (510) 643-7197 or secure message via eTang
  • SHIP After Hours Nurseline: 24/7 access to nurse advice line at (800) 681-4065.

 Urgent Care + Emergency Room Locations

All centers listed are in-network providers, meaning that SHIP will reimburse a portion of the fees incurred after the co-pay.