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Ergonomic eval

Ergonomics Navigator Training

Sign up for this workshop on Wednesday, April 5 from 10 am-12 pm to learn the basics of how to be an Ergonomic Navigator at UC Berkeley, the Matching Funds Program, how to use campus resources effectively, and how to evaluate and modify your workstation.

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Keyboards and Mice: Ergonomic Alternatives

Join us on Wednesday 4/12 from 10-11 am in the Tang Center Class of '42 to learn about the ergonomics of keyboards and mice and how to apply this to your own workstation.

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Computer Health Matters: Campus and Remote Workstations

Join us on Tuesday 4/25 from 10-11 am in the Tang Center Section Club for tips and information on setting up safe workstations for both at home and on campus.

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Matching Funds Program

Check out our Computer Ergonomics Matching Funds Program to see how you can improve your work station!

The Be Well at Work - Ergonomics Program

The Be Well at Work - Ergonomics Program promotes healthy campus and home work environments through workshops, consultation, and coordination of the campus network of departmental computer workstation evaluators. Our goal is to help fit jobs to people.

When working on a computer, it is important to remember that the proper ergonomics design of your computer workstation is important no matter where your “office” may be. To help you have a good computer workstation on campus or at home, please follow the ergonomics steps below:

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Step 1: Computer Health Matters Online Course

Take the interactive on-line course, Computer Health Matters(Click link to access), via the UC Learning Center LMS. The module consists of three parts: the training module, a self-assessment of computer work habits and workstation, and the creation of a Healthy Working plan. All three parts need to be done to register as completed in the LMS.

This module is important as it:

1) helps fulfill ergonomic training requirements

2) serves as a self-evaluation tool that provides immediate guidance and feedback to help you make changes to achieve a more ergonomic workstation, and

3) grants eligibility to UC Berkeley faculty and staff for ergo matching funds that can assist you and your department in offsetting costs for ergonomic equipment.

Step 2: Review the following Resources 

  • The following resources are recommended to help further supplement the ergonomic guidance provided by the Computer Health Matters online ergonomics module:


    The Computer Health Matters online module provides ergonomic self-evaluation guidance and thus can fulfill basic evaluation assistance needs. If you have identified equipment needed through the self-assessment, further ergonomic evaluation is not needed as long as you are selecting products from the pre-approved ergonomic product catalog (see Step 3 section for more information).

    If further consultation is needed beyond the initial resources, you may contact your department’s designated ergonomic evaluator (if applicable) or submit a request to the Be Well at Work - Ergonomics program via our linked online request form

Step 3: Choose Computer Workstation Products

The following information covers the pre-approved ergonomic product catalog which is pre-selected recommended items from the Be Well at Work -Ergonomics program.

Discuss any needed items with your supervisor/manager for purchasing approval.                                                                                                                                                                             

Keyboards, Mice and Other Ergonomic Accessories

There are a few simple ergonomics products that may improve your campus and/or home workstation, particularly for those who are now using laptops more than ever.  For example, by elevating your laptop (by use of a laptop stand or stack of books) to get the monitor to the correct height and using an external keyboard and mouse, the ergonomics of your home workstation has greatly improved.  This list includes keyboards, mice, footrests and laptop stands/risers.  

Ergonomic Chairs

The standard chairs are listed below and will fit users approximately 5’3’’ to 6’3’’.                                 

For alternative seating please see the pre-approved products list.

Height-Adjustable Tables

For alternative tables please see the pre-approved products list.

Step 4: Apply for the Computer Ergonomics Matching Funds Program 

Computer Ergonomics Matching Funds Program:

Only products on the pre-approved list qualify for the Computer Workstation Matching Funds Program. The Be Well at Work - Ergonomics program continually assesses the list for potential additions or changes.

To apply for Matching Funds, please follow this link to the online application form

Please note:

  • Funding for this program is limited. Applications will be considered on a first-come, first-served basis each fiscal year beginning July 1st. The deadline for submission for the Matching Funds to be applied towards the current fiscal cycle is no later than 4 weeks before June 30 to allow enough processing time before the close of the fiscal year.

  • Funding reimbursement will be delayed or denied for applications that are incomplete or provide insufficient supporting documentation and information.

  • The matching funds program does not apply to computer workstation furniture for new construction, renovation, and relocation projects.

  • Applicants must be UC Berkeley faculty or staff with an active appointment of 50% or greater at the time the recommended or selected pre-approved list products are purchased.  

  • Due to limited resources, individuals are only eligible for Matching Funds one time (exception may be granted by the Be Well at Work - Ergonomics program in the case of an internal UC Berkeley departmental transfer or a hybrid work capacity).

To learn more – visit the Computer Ergonomics Matching Funds Program Page.

For More Information

Please contact ergonomics@berkeley.edu for questions or issues.