Off-Campus Mental Health Provider Referral Process

How to find an off-campus counselor

View these Tang Tips (PDF) for using the CAPS referral database, tips for scheduling with an off-campus provider, and frequently asked questions

CPS Referral Form

Outside Referrals and SHIP

Videos on the Referral Process

Community (Off Campus) Referral Process

Counseling Referral Process

Advice for Calling an Off Campus Provider

Calling a Community Provider

Why does Berkeley use a Brief Counseling Model?

Why Counseling and Psychological Services uses a brief counseling model

Finding and Contacting an Off Campus Provider

Finding and Contacting Your Counseling Provider

How You Should Prepare for your First Off-Campus Appointment

How You Should Prepare for Your First Off-Campus Appointment

Finding Out if a Provider is a Good Match

Figuring Out If a Provider is a Good Match

Preparing for ADHD or LD Assessment Referrals

What to expect when being referred out for ADHD or LD assessment