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Black-identified staff at UHS

Looking to connect with a UHS clinician, counselor, or staff person?

While all providers and staff at UHS are committed to supporting students, staff and faculty, there may be times you wish to work with someone of a similar background. Below please find a list of Black-identified providers and staff at UHS.

Administrative Services

  • Nathalie Clift
  • Chena McKenzie
  • Gevonte Brown
  • Ray Sanders

Be Well at Work

  • Cori Evans

Counseling and Psychological Services

  • Adisa Anderson
  • Claytie Davis
  • Charmaine Harris
  • Genee Jackson
  • Jai Jones

Disability Management

  • Jocelyn Dorsey
  • Mary Kelly

Health Promotion

  • Summer Jackson
  • Tiffany Melendez
  • Robin Mills


  • Tim Abraham
  • Romee Edwards


  • Chevy Smith
  • Shayna Thomas

Medical Records

  • Wendy Cornelius

Occupational Health

  • Rahmat Balogun
  • Arleen Ervin-King


  • Kelani Simpson


  • Raemona Chappell

Primary Care

  • Catherine Ciano
  • Lisa Bell
  • Tiara Evans
  • Vicki Schumb

Social Services

  • Kimberley Mims
  • Tobirus Newby

Specialty Clinics

  • Dieisha Hodges
  • Manuella Stephney

Student Health Insurance Office

  • Claiborne Sibley
  • Warren Whitfield