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Please note: Let's Talk consultations are not formal therapy sessions and do not constitute mental health treatment. We are not able to assist with DSP and other documentation support during Let's Talk.

Stay in Touch with UHS!

UC Berkeley Students: Manage your health online with eTang!

The eTang portal is the best way to get in contact with University Health Service departments. The portal allows you to send secure messages, schedule appointments, and more!

  • Get medical advice from your clinician or the advice nurse
  • Schedule most medical and health education appointments
  • Send secure messages
  • Transfer/refill prescriptions regardless of insurance plan
  • See lab results
  • Order lab test without an appointment (ex. STI, TB, and pregnancy tests)
  • Send a secure message to order contraception such as the pill, patch or ring without an appointment.
  • Edit Chosen Name, Pronoun, and Gender Identity
  • Access the Surveillance Testing - Badge System

Self-Service Through e-Tang

Advice Nurse

  • If you are unsure how to get care or need medical advice, you can send a secure message via eTang to our advice nurse or call our 24/7 Nurse Advice line at (510) 643-7197

Birth Control

For birth control requests, you can send a secure message via eTang to the UHS Pharmacy

  • Log into eTang> select Messages > New Message > Click "Send a medication request to the UHS pharmacy" > click "Start a new prescription for birth control ONLY (pills, patches, or ring)." or refill or renew a prescription.

STI Testing

To order STI testing, you can self-book these by sending a secure message via eTang to the UHS Lab

  • Log into eTang> select Messages > New Message > Click "order a Lab test".

Medication refills

Medication refills can be requested through the eTang portal if the prescription came from UHS.

  •  Log into the eTang portal, click on ”Messages,” create a “New Message” requesting a refill/renewal from our pharmacy, and follow the instructions.

Non-Urgent Questions to Primary Care

To send non-urgent questions to your primary care team: (allow 3 business days for a response)

  • Log into eTang> select Messages > New Message > Click " Contact a member of my Primary Care Team". 

Questions about TB screening or vaccination requirements

If you have questions about TB screening or vaccination requirements:

  • Log into eTang > select Messages > New Message > Click "Contact the TB/Immunization Team".

Can Faculty and Staff use the eTang portal?  

Most of the appointments and eTang functions are for students only, however, faculty and staff can use eTang to book appointments for COVID tests and vaccines, access their COVID test results, and upload COVID vaccine records.

Experiencing difficulties logging on to the eTang portal?

In most cases, clearing your cache and cookies and/or using an incognito browser will allow you to log-on.

What do I do if the eTang Portal is temporarily unavailable?

When eTang is unavailable during system upgrades, you can call or email UHS. Visit our Contact Us page for more information. Please see our After Hours resources if you need help when we are closed.

Thanks for your patience!