Authorized Representative Instructions

Step 1: STUDENT clicks the ‘Student’ login button.

 Authorized Representative Step 1

Step 2: From the Profile link, scroll down to Authorized Representative and click ‘Edit’

 Authorized Representative Step 2

Step 3:

  • 1) Click checkbox to enable authorized representative

  • 2) Enter the representative’s email address

  • 3) Generate a password

  • 4) Give permissions to the Immunizations Form

  • 5) Click Save

Authorized Representative Step 3

Step 4: Give the authorized representative their new credentials that you just created.

Step 5: The authorized representative can now click the button for ‘Authorized Representative (Delegated Access)’.

Authorized Representative Step 5

Step 6: They can enter their credentials.

Authorized Representative Step 6

Step 7: The authorized representative can only access the Immunization Form within the Forms link.

 Authorized Representative Step 7