Who's Your Health Worker?

Meet Your UHS Health Workers!

Health Worker Contact Information

Check out the information below to find out who your Health Worker is!

For other questions, please call (510) 643-9073 or email hwpcoordinator@gmail.com

Name Location Email
Tatiana De La Sancha Unit 1&2 - Coordinator tatiana_dls@berkeley.edu
Branson Bajoua Unit 1 - On-Site branson.bajoua@berkeley.edu
Michelle Choi Unit 1 - On-Site michellech@berkeley.edu
Ashley Huang Unit 1 - On-Site ashleyhuang130@berkeley.edu
Sara Lodin Unit 2 - On-Site sara.lodin@berkeley.edu
Priyanka Kalidindi Unit 2 - On-Site priyankavarmak@berkeley.edu
Caitlin Lee Unit 2 - On-Site caitlinyl@berkeley.edu
Kelly Higa Unit 3 - Coordinator kellyhiga@berkeley.edu
Ashley Chen Unit 3 - On-Site ashleychen183@berkeley.edu
Ashley Yang Unit 3 - Off-Site ashley.ycyang@berkeley.edu
Aneesh Bhat On-Site - Blackwell aneeshbhat@berkeley.edu
Abigail Villa On-Site - Blackwell abigailvilla@berkeley.edu
Joshua Shi On-Site - Blackwell joshuashi26@berkeley.edu
Cassandra Biellak Unit 4 - Coordinator cbiellak153@berkeley.edu
Andrew Park On-Site - Hillside andrewjwpark@berkeley.edu
Kami Wiener On-Site - Foothill camillewiener@berkeley.edu
Nadia Grenville On-Site - Bowles nadiamgrenville@berkeley.edu
Sophia Roy-Burman On-Site - Bowles sophiaroyburman@berkeley.edu
Natalie Walzer On-Site - I-House nwalzer09@berkeley.edu
Shwe Pan Gyee On-Site - I-House spgyee@berkeley.edu
Lauren Chiang Unit 5 - Coordinator laurentchiang@berkeley.edu
Faith Blea On-Site - CKC faithblea@berkeley.edu
Amanjot Bains On-Site - CKC abains1@berkeley.edu
Shalini Aggarwal Off-Site - CKC shalini_aggarwal@berkeley.edu
Alyssa Chew Off-Site - CKC alyssachew@berkeley.edu
Jennifer Lee Unit 6 - Coordinator jenniferlee12@berkeley.edu
Rianna Malig On-Site - Enclave riannamalig@berkeley.edu
Morgan Stokes On-Site - Panoramic morganstokes03@berkeley.edu
Ekansh Agrawal On-Site - ChBow agrawal.ekansh@berkeley.edu
Fatima Quezada On-Site - Martinez Apt fatimaqt@berkeley.edu
Esteban Leyva On-Site - Martinez Hall esteban2003@berkeley.edu
Zack Aqra Unit 9 - Academic Departments aqrahilal@berkeley.edu
Gauri Gorsi AEGS gaurigorsi@berkeley.edu
Shu Hyun Park CNR shuhyunpark@berkeley.edu
Alina Akheli Chhetri Public Health alina.akheli@berkeley.edu
Broc Vargo MCB/IB brocvargo@berkeley.edu
Mila Yglesias CED milayglesias@berkeley.edu
Joshua Song Psychology joshuasong@berkeley.edu
Emily Kaplan  PHC Coordinator emilykaplan@berkeley.edu
Danielle Sipes Delta Gamma daniellesipes@berkeley.edu
Audrey Ravid Kappa Alpha Theta audreyravid@berkeley.edu
Hana Lee Chi Omega Mu hanalee25@berkeley.edu
Leila Afifi Pi Beta Phi leilazafifi@berkeley.edu
Barbara Borcherds Delta Delta Delta barbara.b@berkeley.edu
Alyssa Valenzuela PHC - Coordinator alyssavalenzuela@berkeley.edu
Emily King Alpha Delta Pi emilyking@berkeley.edu
Sophia Tang Sigma Kappa stang2026@berkeley.edu
Ava Lindo Kappa Kappa Gamma alindo26@berkeley.edu
Olivia Deantoni Delta Sigma odeantoni@berkeley.edu
Gyula Kangiszer IFC - Coordinator gkangiszer@berkeley.edu
James Fermelia Kappa Alpha Order jfermelia@berkeley.edu
Aivan Durfee Tau Kappa Epsilon aivandurfee@berkeley.edu
Lauren Magdaleno Program Director laurenmagdaleno@berkeley.edu
Hajira Khan Program Assistant hajirakhan@berkeley.edu