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Hooking Up When You Have A Roommate

September 15, 2017
"How do I arrange bringing someone home for intimacy with my roommates?"

Heartbroken ex-boyfriend

July 5, 2014
I’ve broken up with my long-term boyfriend recently, but we can’t stop talking since the break up. I made it clear to him that I just wanted a casual/physical relationship (no labels), nothing serious. He was completely fine with it when we agreed. While casually seeing him, I was also fooling around with other guys. When I told him about it, he seemed heartbroken. I don’t want to hurt his feelings but I also understand that we agreed on having just a casual relationship. Any suggestions?

Close Friends Don't Talk Anymore?

May 12, 2017
I just don’t understand. I was close friends with someone last year, and now we don’t even talk anymore. How can two people share so many wonderful memories and disappear the next? Should I try to reconnect with this person or would that be awkward?

Showing Parents Some Appreciation

May 5, 2017
"My parents have been super supportive over the last 5 years. I'm graduating this May but am broke and exhausted. What are some ways that I can still show them appreciation?"

My Parents Will Freak Out Over My Grade

June 16, 2017
My life sucks! I’ve been working so hard to come to Cal, and my parents don’t understand this isn’t high school anymore. In high school, I took hard classes, but there wasn’t nearly as much competition as here at Berkeley. They just don’t understand that I can’t get straight As anymore. They’re going to freak out if they ever see my report cards. Can I make it so they can’t see my grades? I don’t want to lie to them! Help me please.”

Love Cafe: Relationship Q&A: Fall 2013

January 1, 2014
Me and my best friend like the same guy. He texts me all the time and he told me he liked me. What should I do? Should I keep us on the friends until she stops likening him?

LOVE or nah?

September 22, 2017
"How did you find out that you were in love with your partner? "

I Choose Abstinence

July 28, 2017
“I’m a virgin and want to practice abstinence, but I feel like all couples do in college is have sex. How can I find a guy who will love me for what I believe in?”

Roommates on Opposite Schedules

January 26, 2018
"This semester I have 8am's and have to get up pretty early to make it to class on time. My roommate is a night owl and often up until 4am. I know he's trying to be as quiet as he can be, but I still get woken up at least once a night. What are some tips on living in a double with someone that has an opposite schedule? Should I talk to him about it?"

The Art of Conversation

October 13, 2017
"How can you keep a conversation going without all the awkward pauses?"