Wellness Self-Coaching: Possible Solutions to Common Obstacles

Common Obstacles

Possible Solutions

Felt too tired

  • Plan activity for a time of day when you typically have more energy
  • Switch your focus area to sleep hygiene, meal planning, or other energy boosters
  • Eliminate low-priority activities from your schedule to conserve energy

Had a schedule conflict

  • Consult your weekly schedule when creating goals
  • Switch your focus area to time management (temporarily)

Something else felt more important

  • Bring your weekly schedule into alignment with your life priorities
  • Reschedule high priority events when needed, rather than simply cancelling
  • Switch your focus area to healthy boundaries and/or communication

Doubted ability to succeed

  • Practice self-compassion
  • Seek support where helpful

Didn’t have needed resources

  • Assess potential barriers and needed preparations during the goal creation process
  • Set preliminary goals when needed (schedule time to gather materials, do research, consult with others, etc.)