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Employee Assistance Current Workshops

Employee Assistance offers workshops on a variety of issues either by request from departments, or by open enrollment in classes. Topics include, but are not limited to: stress management, instant relaxation, and coping with transition/change.


UC Berkeley Faculty, Staff, Visiting Scholars, and Postdocs:

  1. Click on the “enroll here” hyperlink to take you to the UCB Learning Center.
  2. Enter your CalNet Passphrase.
  3. Click "Submit."

LBNL Staff:

  1. Please call 510-643-7754 to register.

Spring 2020 Stress Management Workshops

Relaxing Sound Meditation (5/28 Cancelled)

Thursday, 2/20 & 5/28 (Cancelled); 12:10 - 1:30 pm, Tang Ed Center

Speaker: Melissa Felsenstein, Inner Sounds Meditation

Unplug and feel an empty mind as you are immersed in tone and vibration of quartz crystal bowls and other instruments during this free Sound Bath. Learn how live calming sounds can be help reduce stress, release tension, balance the nervous system, and encourage healthier sleep.

Meditate without effort and unlock new creative insight, sharpened instincts, and a doorway into a calm mind. Many participants report a deeply relaxing experience and wonderful night's rest following a sound bath. Who doesn't need that?

No yoga is practiced nor do you need fancy yoga pants to participate, come in your work clothes. Simply lay down and receive sound. Appropriate for any level, any ability. Learn more at Innersoundsmedtation.com

Creating and Sustaining Your Mindfulness Practice

Thursday,3/5; 12:10 - 1:15 pm, Tang Ed Center
Speaker: Julia Anable, Ph.D. Be Well at Work Employee Assistance

Sometimes getting started is the hardest part!

Join Be Well at Work psychologist Julia Anable, PhD, for an interactive workshop designed to meet you where you are in your mindfulness practice - especially if "where you are" is full of good intentions you have yet to transform into actual actions.

In this workshop, you will learn and practice enjoyable mindfulness exercises that will increase your motivation to integrate mindfulness into your daily life. You will leave the workshop feeling replenished and grounded. You might even decide you are ready to create and sustain a mindfulness practice that can positively transform your life!

Enroll Here

Setting and Enforcing Healthy Limits

Wednesday, 4/15; 12:10-1:30 pm, Tang Ed Center
Speaker: Leslie Bell, PhD., LCSW. Employee Assistance Counselor

Many of us are drawn to work in higher education out of a commitment to service. This commitment to service, while admirable, is often paired with difficulty setting limits both at work and in our personal lives. This workshop will help you to identify when you’re overextending yourself. You will also learn to set limits successfully by attending to and valuing your own needs and limitations.

Live Zoom Meeting Link

Climate Change: Navigating the Emotional Impact

Thursday, 5/7; 12:10 - 1:30 pm, Tang Ed Center

Speaker: Elliott DiTusa, LPCC, Employee Assistance Counselor

With so much uncertainty surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic, the impact of climate change will continue to remain a longstanding concern. Rising temperatures, extreme weather, and wildfires are among the events that have been occurring both locally and globally. These effects, along with divisive media and public response, have made processing the current and future health of our planet a difficult and complex experience. In this workshop we will discuss the emotional impact of climate change, learn healthy and effective ways to strengthen our emotional resilience, and explore how the COVID-19 pandemic can surprisingly offer hope and optimism.

Live Zoom Meeting Link

Coping with Change Supportive Workshops

If your department is currently experiencing a transition, Employee Assistance offers Coping with Change workshops. Please contact us at (510) 643-7754 to request support during these times.

Elder Care Workshops

The Elder Care program offers monthly educational workshops and webinars on topics related to aging and caregiving. They are presented by professionals with specialized knowledge, and by the Elder Care Counselor, Maureen Kelly.

Faculty and Staff Midweek Meditation Group 

UC Berkeley employees, visiting scholars, and postdocs are invited to join the Midweek Meditation Group in Room 3110 at the Tang Center every Tuesday at 12:15pm for a short reading followed by 30 minutes of silent mediation.