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Employee Assistance Current Workshops

Employee Assistance offers workshops on a variety of issues either by request from departments, or by open enrollment in classes. Topics include, but are not limited to: stress management, instant relaxation, and coping with transition/change.


UC Berkeley and LBNL Faculty, Staff, Visiting Scholars, and Postdocs:

  1. Click on the “enroll here” hyperlink to take you to the UCB Learning Center.
  2. Enter your CalNet Passphrase.
  3. Click "Submit."

Please note that the upcoming workshops listed below are being held virtually on Zoom.

Spring 2022 Stress Management Workshops

Reframe to Refresh: Why Our Thoughts Matter

Wednesday, 2/16, 12:10 - 1:30 pm via Zoom

Speaker: Kiran Johl, Employee Assistance

The way we think about ourselves and the world around us greatly influences our self-esteem, emotional states, and behavioral responses. Over time, we may adopt automatic and unhelpful thought patterns that keep us feeling stuck. This workshop discusses the cognitive-emotional-behavioral connection, strategies to help identify unproductive thought patterns, and ways to reframe them for a more positive and refreshing outlook. 


Guided Meditation

Friday, 4/15, noon - 12:50 pm via Zoom

Speaker: Michelle Ayazi

Please join us for a relaxing and reenergizing guided meditation for faculty and staff, led by Cal staffer Michelle Ayazi. This session will offer guided mind relaxation, deep breathing, slow movement meditation, deep body relaxation, visualization, and heart-focused meditation. No prior experience with meditation is necessary. All are warmly welcome. If possible, find a quiet place for this workshop that has a comfortable floor on which to sit, stand, and lay down. We recommend laying out a yoga mat or beach towel on the floor, and wearing comfortable clothes you can stretch in. If space or mobility is limited, please know that all movement is optional and that the entire session can be done seated in a chair and in stillness.


Emotional Intelligence for the Workplace

Tuesday, 5/17, 12:10 - 1 pm via Zoom

Speaker: Elliott DiTusa, Employee Assistance

Understanding and managing our emotions can increase our sense of well-being, motivation, empathy and ability to relate to others in a healthy way. This workshop will examine what it means to be emotionally intelligent and how to apply key concepts to create a more successful and fulfilling work/life experience.


Coping with Change Supportive Workshops

If your department is currently experiencing a transition, Employee Assistance offers Coping with Change workshops. Please contact us at (510) 643-7754 to request support during these times.

Elder Care Workshops

The Elder Care program offers monthly educational workshops and webinars on topics related to aging and caregiving. They are presented by professionals with specialized knowledge.