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Elder Care Current Workshops

The Elder Care program offers monthly educational workshops and webinars on topics related to aging and caregiving presented by professionals and peer advocates.


UC Berkeley and LBNL Faculty, Staff, Visiting Scholars, and Postdocs:

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Spring 2024 Workshops

Communicating With a Loved One Living with Dementia 

Tuesday, January 30th, Noon - 1:30 pm, via Zoom 

Speaker: Natasha Boissier, Be Well at Work Elder Care Program

Communication with someone who is living with a neurodegenerative illness such as Alzheimer's Disease requires adjustments in what you say and how you say it. In this workshop we will cover how dementia affects communication in the early, middle and late stages. We will examine effective communication techniques, as well as review strategies to respond to common dementia challenges such as how to engage your loved one, how to respond to repetitive questions, and how to gain cooperation.


Helping a Loved One Transition to Assisted Living **Hybrid Event**

Thursday, February 29th, Noon - 1:30 pm, via Zoom & In-Person at the Tang Center

Speaker: Andriana Mendez, Custom Moving and Hauling

Have you been concerned about your parent(s) or a loved one recently because of their health or social decline? You and your loved one may find that senior living brings peace of mind to the whole family by providing safety, care, and a sense of community. If you're wondering what options are out there when it comes to senior living and how to help them make the transition logistically, this workshop is for you.


Caring for Elderly Family Members: Roles, Responsibilities, Reluctance, and Resilience **Hybrid Event**

Wednesday, March 13th Noon - 1:30 pm, via Zoom & In-Person at the Tang Center

Speaker:Maureen Kelly

Being an elderly family member's caregiver can be confusing and frustrating at times. Ideas you have about the elder’s care needs may be met with resistance by the elder or by other family members. In this workshop, we will explore the various roles you play in your life, responsibilities you take on as caregivers to an elder, and ways to respond to reluctance, yours and theirs. We will also look at self care strategies to reduce the stress of caring.


Financial Planning for Long Term Care **Hybrid Event**

Thursday, April 25th, Noon - 1:30 pm, via Zoom & In-Person at the Tang Center

Speaker: Kenneth Leung, Millar Financials

With rising costs of medical expenses, planning for Long Term Care for yourself or a loved one can be complex and challenging. Solutions require all or a combination of: the coordination of the family’s personal and financial resources, insurance benefits, and public benefits planning. Come learn more about the various Financial Planning options for Long Term Care, including the new Medi-cal eligibility qualifications.


Living with Illness: Planning for Life and Quality of Life

Wednesday, May 29th, Noon - 1:30 pm, via Zoom

Speaker: Greg Merrill, LCSW

In this presentation, we will look at the kinds of illnesses and disabilities commonly associated with aging, as well as the resources available to individuals and family caregivers who want to plan for their practical, medical, emotional, and social needs.


Caregiver Connect

Caregiver Connect is a psychoeducational support group for caregivers concerned about or caring for an elder or younger adult with a chronic health issue. Caregiver Connect provides a safe space to discuss and gain support regarding your caregiving situation, as well as an opportunity to discover practical coping tips, care strategies and community resources. The group meets virtually on the first Tuesday of the month, and the third Friday of the month from 11 am -12 pm. Drop-ins are welcome and you are not required to attend both groups each month.

These small group meetings are facilitated by Elder Care Counselor Natasha Boissier, LCSW.

To register, please email kpatchell@berkeley.edu

Be Well at Work Events

Be Well at Work offers a variety of workshops throughout the semester. Topics presented focus on stress management and regenerative activities such as yoga, cooking, and dancing. Learn more about our current offerings.