Mental Health Workshops & Events

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Events led by UHS mental health counselors or our campus partners to support students through a variety of topics.

Upcoming Events

Express and Decompress Workshop  

  • When: 4:00 to 5:30 PM on Thursday, May 2.
  • Where: Anna Head Building E - Room 210, 2536 Channing Way (Anna Head Building E is located behind the Martinez Commons)   
  • Facilitated by Bill Berkhout, PsyD, and Bini Sebastian, PhD   
With the end of the semester approaching, it's common to experience increases in stress and distress. Creative expression can provide a fun and effective outlet that can improve the way we feel. Join us for a drop-in expressive arts space, where all experiences are valid and valued, using creativity to Express and Decompress
Students interested in this space need no previous experience or even comfort with the arts or creative expression. The power is in the process, not the product. All students (graduate and undergraduate) are welcome.

Managing Mental Health Disability Workshops

Hosted by the Disabled Students Program (DSP)

  • Tuesday, April 23rd, 3:00 PM - 4:30 PM; Wellness Planning for RRR Week & Finals
  • Tuesday, April 30th, 3:00 PM - 4:30 PM: Disability Management-Wellness Circle 

The Disabled Students' Program is excited to offer DSP Students an 8-part Managing Mental Health Disability Workshop Series! Join DSP for in-person workshop gatherings throughout the semester on TUESDAYS at the Disability Cultural Community Center to support your mental health, well-being, and disability management.

Location: Disability Cultural Community Center | Hearst Field Annex (HFA) D-25 

If you require accommodations to participate in the workshops please reach out to


Each week there will be a workshop reminder & you can RSVP for each workshop using the RSVP link. Email for the RSVP link.

Honoring Our Grief Workshops

Hosted by the Multicultural Community Center and bridges

  • Wednesday, March 20th, 3:00 to 5:00pm
  • Wednesday, April 10th, 3:00 to 5:00pm
  • Wednesday, April 24th, 3 to 5:00pm

Location: Multicultural Community Center (MCC), Martin Luther King Jr. Student Union, 2495 Bancroft Way, Suite #220. This location is ADA-accessible.  

A letter to the community: "One thing that we know for certain is that grief is a part of life. Some of us are well-acquainted with loss, while others may be experiencing loss for the first time. Whether it be the loss of someone close to you or grief related to the state of the world around us, we will all be impacted by losing something or someone at some point in our journey.  

In these workshops, we will hold space to understand, experience, and integrate grief into our lives. By doing so, we can live more fully and love more deeply. We look forward to engaging in this work of heart, mind, body, and spirit together with you." 

Facilitated by: Tobirus Newby (He/They) and Shivani Narang (They/Them)  


RSVP for one or all three workshops through the Grief Workshop Google Form

For additional opportunities to engage in mental health topics, check out our Group Counseling Sessions, the Let's Talk Schedule, and the virtual Career Counseling services.

To view all upcoming events at UHS, please visit the UHS Calendar webpage. Get the latest update from UHS by signing up for the Be Well Buzz Monthly newsletter.

Past Events

We Out Here: Collective Healing and Grounding Space for Community Organizers / Activists

  • Fridays, 2:30-4 PM PST
  • Dates: June 4 & 11
  • No referral or pre-screening is necessary for participation.
  • Facilitated by: Treajané Brown MA

This space serves as an offering to Cal community members invested and involved in actions that contribute to our sense of freedom, justice, and liberation. Here, accountability, self- and community care can be positioned as essential to the sustainability of our beings, our labor, and the longevity of our movements. Collectively, we can foster a safe, confidential space for exploring and practicing healing methods compatible with our resistance strategies, as well as our visions of healthier and freer futures for our communities. We hope this space affirms the need for organizers/activists to release, refresh, and replenish to keep pressing forward. 

No referral or pre-screening is necessary for participation. The values of this space are explicitly intersectional and anti-oppressive. Queer folks, Trans folks, Disabled folks, and BIW and FOC to the front! 

Black History Month Wellness Series

  • Rest, Resilience, and Rooting in the Earth | Friday, February 19, 12-1:30 pm | Join the African American Mental Health Team as we center the power of rest as resistance and experience our sacred healing relationship with nature and Mother Earth as a Black community. Through meditation practice, reflection, and community sharing we will deepen our connection to the elements and cultivate a sense of home in our mind, body, and spirit.
  • Honoring Our Past, Embodying Our Present, and Envisioning Our Futures | Friday, February 26, 12-1:30 pm | Join the African American Mental Health Team for an opportunity to honor the stories and resilience of our Black histories, center in the wisdom of the present moment, and dream together about our futures as a Black community. Through meditation practice, reflection, and community sharing we will rest in the power of our shared legacies and cultivate restoration as we journey toward collective liberation.

Community Support Spaces

  • Community Check-In and Dialogue for BIPOC Students | Tuesday, May 11, 4:15 pm-5:45 pm | Intended for Black, Indigenous, People of Color (BIPOC) student communities |As we are holding a lot of grief and stress due to recent events including murders of unarmed Black and Brown people, police brutality, anti-Asian hate crimes, and many other injustices, we want to offer a space to process, grieve, and be in community. Join us for a space of open dialogue and fellowship. Facilitators: This community space will be facilitated by Darius Taylor, ASW, Lisa Quach, ASW, and Andrea Godinez, ASW.
  • Latinx Virtual Community Check-In | Thursday, May 13, 3-4:30 pm | Intended for Latinx students | With all that has been going on this semester (police violence, undocumented, migrant concerns, societal racism, and systemic oppression), we wanted to offer a supportive community space for the Latinx community for mental health and wellness. Facilitators: Denise Goitia M.A. and Raquel Castellanos Miller, LCSW.

Virtual SSWANA Wellness Series

South Asian, Southwest Asian, and North African (SSWANA) | Facilitators: Sonia Amin, Ph.D., and Madeleine Kannan, MSW | Fridays, 2-3 PM PST | Join the SSWANA initiative, in collaboration with CAPS, as we engage in critical dialogue and discussion surrounding Anti-Blackness/ Colorism. 

Past Schedule & Topics 

  • Anti-Blackness & Colorism - February 19, 2021
  • Graduate Student Community Building - March 5, 2021
  • Imposter Syndrome - April 2, 2021
  • Family Roles & Obligations - May 7, 2021

Other Workshops

Intended For All Students

  • Wellness in Action - April 9, May 1, May 7
  • Mindfulness at Home - April 17, April 24
  • Expanding Your Skill Set to Cope with Stress Related to COVID-19 Pandemic - April 14
  • Support Connecting got an Off-Campus Mental Health Provider - Every Tuesday from May 5 - July 28.

Intended For Black and African-American Students

  • Healing Racial Trauma: Self-Care and Wellness for the Mind, Body, and Spirit - June 19, June 26, June 30
  • Community Mental Health Check-In - June 4

Intended For Black and Indigenous Students, and Persons/Students of Color (BIPOC)

  • Cultivating an Inner Refuge and Mindfulness at Home - April 24
  • Cultivating Self-Compassion, and Friendliness Toward the Self - May 1
  • Cultivating Resilience and Nurturing our Spirit - May 8
  • Radical Healing: What’s Love Got To Do With It? - July 17

Intended For Asian and Pacific Islander Students (South Asian, Southeast Asian, East Asian, Pacific Islanders, Mixed/multiethnic Asians)

  • Finding Connection with Mind-Body Exercises, April 30
  • Community Check-In: Supporting One Another in the Time of Pandemic, Xenophobia, and Remote Learning, April 28, May 5, May 12
  • Self-Compassion, Fatigue, and Grief Workshop, May 20, June 17, June 24, July 22
  • CAPS Collective Healing and Liberation Space for AAPI Students
    • Wednesday, October 21 & 28, 1:15-2:30 pm PST
    • Tuesday, November 3, 10, and 17, 4:30-6 pm PST

Intended for Latinx Students

Estamos Unidxs: Latinx Self and Community Care for Optimal Wellbeing and Performance

  • Friday, September 11, 11:15 am-12:15 pm
  • Friday, September 25, 11:15 am-12:15 pm

Collective Healing and Liberation Circle for Latinx Students: Estamos Unidos

  • Friday October 23 & 30, November 6 & 20, December 4, 11, & 18

Intended For Muslim Students

  • Two-Part Wellness Workshop - April 30, May 7

Intended For Educational Opportunities Program Students

Five-Part Workshop Series:

  • April 17, Café Connect - Healthy Coping Skills for Managing Common Stress Responses to COVID-19
  • April 24, Coping with Anxiety and Difficult Emotions During COVID-19
  • April 30, Maintaining Social Connections and Relationships During COVID-19
  • May 8, Grief and How to Cultivate Resilience During COVID-19
  • May 15, Café Connect - Check-In & The Strength We've Built

The Hidden Cost of Anxiety on Academic Access - August 3, September 23, Wednesday Oct 21

Intended for Community Organizers & Activists

  • Collective Healing and Grounding Space for Community Organizers / Activists: We Out Here | 2:30-4 pm PST: Friday, October 16 & 23, November 6 & 20, December 4 & 18
  • Connecting to Mental Health Support and Navigating CAPS Services: Support for First Gen/Students of Color | Friday, September 18, 1:15-2:15 pm
  • Support Connecting to an Off-Campus Mental Health Provider | Tuesdays, Sept 1 - Sept 29 and Nov 3 - Dec 8, 4:15-5 pm

Intended for the School of Social Welfare

  • Vicarious Trauma and Burnout: Virtual Community Space | Tuesday, March 9, 2021, 1:15 pm PST | Facilitated by Tiffany Lin, LCSW

Intended For Muslim Students:

  • Ramadan Reflections: Muslim Wellness Workshop | Monday, April 12, 3:30-5 pm | Facilitated by Erin O'Connor, LCSW, and Lisa Quach, MSW | A healing space intended for Muslim-identified students to build community and share the joys and challenges of Ramadan.

Global Connection: Virtual Support Space for International Students

Facilitated by Chiyon Won, PsyD and Yi Du, PhD | No referral or pre-screening is necessary for participation.

  • Tuesday, March 9, 6:30-9:30 pm
  • Tuesday, March 23, 6:30-9:30 pm
  • Tuesday, April 6, 6:30-9:30 pm
  • Tuesday, April 20, 6:30-9:30 pm 

This space is intended for international students at UC Berkeley who currently reside outside of California as an opportunity to connect with each other for well-being. The aim is to co-create a mutually supportive space that will enable students to be seen, heard, affirmed, celebrated, and supported through these challenging times. To stay rooted in our fullest selves, each session will begin with a 20-minute guided meditation practice for centering and grounding. This space will also include support to cope with xenophobia, anti-immigration policies, and family, financial, and other COVID-19-related racism and stressors through connecting with collective witnessing, wisdom sharing, radical self-care practice, and community healing.  

Potential Topics:

  • Challenges in adjustment to remote learning as an international student
  • Stress management and strategies
  • Imposter syndrome
  • Cultivating a sense of belonging in the era of COVID-19 pandemic 

No sign-ups are needed. All international students are welcome to join.