Prenatal Care

UHS Social Services has information about prenatal care options and other resources on balancing school-life balance with children, housing considerations, and academic adjustments. To make an appointment with Social Services, please call Phone: (510) 642-6074.

For prenatal care referrals:

  1. Schedule a social services appointment. The staff in the Social Services department (510) 642-6074 will be able to answer many of your questions regarding referrals to both family planning services and obstetrical/prenatal care. If you do not need the following, you may call and request a referral to go straight to an obstetrician.
    • campus and community support services
    • great tips for managing early pregnancy symptoms and early self-care before you see your outside medical provider
    • information regarding referrals for services if you have SHIP or other private insurance
    • referral lists for family planning providers, midwives, and OBGYN practices.
    • what you need to know about obtaining insurance coverage for the baby
    • support and information regarding how to balance your medical care with a challenging academic schedule
    • information on adoption if you are considering this option
  2. For students who have SHIP: An approved referral is required for all family planning or prenatal care services. You may request this insurance referral from the following:
    • See our maternity flier for all the details you'll need to get started. 
    • Tang Advice Nurse:  Call (510) 643-7197
    • Social Services: (510) 642-6074
    • Tang physician or nurse practitioner
  3. If you are considering pregnancy termination services:
    • Schedule a Social Services appointment
      • to discuss types of termination services available
      • assist with insurance referrals
      • offer emotional support as needed
      • discuss academic adjustments
      • offer tips for self-care

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