Our fully licensed pharmacy is committed to providing quality service to our patients. We accept valid prescriptions from licensed clinicians within the United States, if the prescription is for an item that we stock.

SHIP membersSee our note about changes to some prescriptions filled outside of Tang.


If your prescription was written by a UHS provider:

Online via eTang: For most efficient service, log-in to the eTang patient portal, click on "Messages," create a "New Message," select "Refill my medication(s)," and follow the instructions online.

  • If you have refills remaining on your prescription, your medication will be ready by noon the next day.
  • If you do NOT have refills remaining, your request will be forwarded to your Primary Care Physician (PCP) and team for review. You will hear back within 72 hours whether your request has been approved, or next steps.

By phone: The preferred refill request method is online through eTang (see above) however you may leave a message with details of your request at (510) 642-3249 and a pharmacist will return your call. Please follow the instructions in the phone message. (Note: This applies to prescriptions last filled at UHS. See "Transferring a Prescription" for prescriptions last filled elsewhere.)

All refills called in after 8am will be ready by 12pm the next working day. Please note that the Pharmacy is closed on Saturday during the Summer months.

In person: You may also bring your refill information to the Pharmacy counter. It will be processed on a first come, first served basis.

If your prescription was written by an outside provider: The Pharmacy will phone your doctor's office to a request a refill authorization, which generally takes 48-72 hours.

Prescription Transfers

Online via eTang: Log-in to the eTang patient portal, click on "Messages,” create a "New Message," select "Transfer my prescriptions," and follow the instructions online.

In person: Please stop by the Pharmacy with the name, address and phone number of your pharmacy, which can be found on the medication label of your container(s). If coming in, bring all the medication containers. If we carry your medication, we will call your pharmacy and have your prescription and valid refills transferred to UHS. This process may take up to 48 hours during busy times.

Prescription: Non-Stocked Medications

For Berkeley SHIP members, if your prescription is for a medication not stocked by the UHS Pharmacy, the staff will refer you to a Participating Pharmacy to get it filled.

SHIP members: See our note about changes to some prescriptions filled outside of Tang.


All registered UC Berkeley students and other groups eligible to use UHS can use the Pharmacy at UHS. 

When UHS eligibility ends: 
No purchases may be made at the Pharmacy after UHS eligibility ends (July 31 for departing spring semester students and December 31 for departing fall semester students). If you have a prescription filled shortly before the end-date, it will be for a maximum of a 30-day supply beyond the end-date.

There are no exceptions to this limit. The Pharmacy is able to provide prescription and over-the-counter medications at a discount because of special UC contract prices. These discounts cannot be legally extended beyond the 30-day limit.

Please note: If you have valid refills beyond the limits described in either situation above, have the pharmacy of your choice call us at  (510) 642-3249 to transfer the prescription.


The Tang Pharmacy accepts only the Student Health Insurance Plan (Berkeley SHIP). For Berkeley SHIP members, prescriptions filled at the UHS Tang Center Pharmacy have a co-pay of $0 for generic and $25 for formulary, $40 for non-formulary medications, and $75 for specialty medications (for each 30-day supply). 

Outside of University Health Services: 
Prescriptions filled outside of UHS at an In-Network Pharmacy have a $20 co-pay for generic and $40 co-pay for brand name medications (30-day supply), $60 for "non-formulary" items, and 20% up to $250 for specialty drugs when filled at an in-network pharmacy.

Prescription Limits

The Tang Pharmacy dispenses a maximum of a 90-day supply, with the exception of travelers abroad as long as they remain eligible for UHS services (e.g., EAP and Filing Fee withdrawal students).

Expired Medication

The UHS Pharmacy accepts expired medications through MED-Project. If you'd like to bring your prescription in, please call the Pharmacy in advance to make arrangements -  (510) 642-3249. This medication drop-off site is open to the public. If the UHS location doesn't work for you, you can locate alternate disposal sites with your zip code through MED-Project. You can also check EMBUD's website. Learn more about what's accepted on our Expired Medication webpage.

Local Pharmacies

Patients are not required to use the UHS Tang Pharmacy. You have the right to access a retail pharmacy of your choice. The closest pharmacies to the Tang Center are CVS Pharmacy on Shattuck and Bancroft and another in the Target store.  Also, Walgreens Pharmacy located on Telegraph near Bancroft, and another near downtown Berkeley Bart station.  Here are more options:  List of Pharmacies in the East Bay.


Monday-Friday: Building/in-person hours - 9am-4pm.

Saturday & Sunday: CLOSED.

All copays are being charged to Cal Central. We will have someone bring your prescription out to you so you don't have to enter the building.

See Pharmacy Services if you need assistance when the Pharmacy is closed.


Location: Tang Center - Bancroft side of the first floor

Questions? Please call (510) 642-3249. Questions about insurance should be directed to the SHIP Office, Room 3200, (510) 642-5700.

tang tipUHS Pharmacy only bills SHIP insurance. Students WITHOUT SHIP will have to pay the full amount of the prescription cost and connect with their health plan to determine benefit coverage and applicable reimbursement.

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