Limited Medical Appointments

Limited Medical Appointments Available

Due to staffing shortages, we currently have a limited amount of medical appointments available at UHS.  This is temporary: we are working to improve access to our services, and expect this will resolve in November.

We are currently prioritizing care for those with timely medical needs including:

  • recent injuries requiring a clinical exam, X-ray, splinting, or crutches
  • acute or worsening illnesses
  • any care requiring prescription medication
  • COVID-related care
  • those that need to establish medical care for ongoing health issues

 Students with urgent/emergent needs

  • Students with urgent/emergent needsincluding sudden/severe illness, severe pain, or injury within 24 hours can be seen as capacity allows at our Urgent Care M-F 9-4 and weekends 10-4, or should go to the nearest urgent care center or emergency room
  • The urgent care clinic is intended for urgent medical problems only, and has limited capacity.  Patients are seen in order of acuity not by arrival time; those who don't require immediate care may not be seen in a timely manner, and are strongly encouraged to make an appointment in Primary Care or seek care in the community.

 Students with non-urgent but other timely needs 

  • should schedule primary care appointments online at eTang or seek care in the community if appointments are not available: many local clinics can accommodate students within a few days and insurance authorization is currently not required for SHIP students. 

At this time we are asking students to defer routine preventative care appointments at UHS until later this semester.  We hope to be back up and running soon!

Specific needs other than the above?  Here are some additional ways to access care NOW around specific concerns - often without needing to come in.

  • Sore throat and fever?  You can now order a same-day strep test online, along with COVID testing, when indicated!

    • Log in to eTang  > select Schedule an Appointment > COVID Testing, Strep Testing, and COVID Vaccine Appointments > and follow the prompts

    • For more information about diagnosis and management of cold, flu, or COVID symptoms (sore throat, nasal congestion, cough, fever) look HERE

  • For birth control requests, you can send a secure message via eTang to the UHS Pharmacy

    • Log in to eTang > select Messages > New Message > Click "Send a medication request to the UHS pharmacy" > click "Start a new prescription for birth control ONLY (pills, patches, or ring)." or refill or renew a prescription. 

  • To order STI testing, you can self-book these by sending a secure message via eTang to the UHS Lab

    • Log in to eTang > select Messages > New Message > Click "order a Lab test" 

  • Medication refills can be requested online if the prescription came from UHS

  • To send non-urgent questions to your primary care team: (allow 3 business days for a response)

    • Log in to eTang > select Messages > New Message > Click " Contact a member of my Primary Care Team" 

  • If you have questions about TB screening or vaccination requirements:  

    • Log in to eTang > select Messages > New Message > Click "Contact the TB/Immunization Team" 

  • To schedule a vaccine, call our Travel & Immunizations clinic at (510) 643-7177.

Other options:

  • If you are unsure how to get care or need medical advice, you can send a secure message via eTang to our advice nurse or call our 24/7 Nurse Advice line at (510) 643-7197

  • For students on SHIP, you can access Teladoc services, available 24 hours a day, including weekends and campus holidays

  • For students on SHIP, you can access medical services outside of UHS (no referral is needed)

Additional resources to get your questions answered:

COVID testing 

COVID vaccines

  • see our webpage for upcoming clinic dates for those needing to complete their 1st or 2nd dose

Mandatory TB & Immunization Requirements 

  • currently, we are asking students to hold off on scheduling non-mandatory immunizations through UHS

Thank you for your patience. We look forward to returning to usual medical services access soon.