SHIP Dependents FAQs

Who is a dependent?

Eli­gible dependents are the spouse or domestic partner who resides with the Insured Student and the student’s and/or spouse’s or the domestic partner’s natural child, stepchild or legally adopted child under 26 years of age. For a full definition of who qualifies as a dependent please visit Insurance for Dependents.

How much does it cost to enroll my dependents?

Dependents rates are published on the Insurance for Dependents page.

When can I enroll my dependents?

Dependent enrollments are accepted during the open enrollment period of each term.

The Fall open enrollment period is from July 1 to September 1. Fall coverage starts on August 1 and will not be prorated if you sign up between August 2 and September 1.

The Spring open enrollment period is from December 1 to February 1. Spring 2022 coverage starts on January 1 and will not be prorated if you sign up between January 2 and February 1. 

How do I enroll my dependents?

Enrollment is completed online. The online enrollment form will be available during the enrollment period. 

Is any documentation needed to enroll my dependent?

For spouse, a marriage certificate.
For same-sex/opposite-sex domestic partner, a UHS Declaration of Domestic Partnership Form.
For natural child, a birth certificate showing the student is the parent of the child.
For stepchild, a birth certificate and a marriage certificate showing that one of the parents listed on the birth certificate is married to the student.
For adopted or foster child, documentation from the placement agency showing that the student has the legal right to control the child’s health care.

What payment methods are accepted?

Most credit cards, debit cards, and bank accounts. 

Can I charge my student account for my dependents premium?

No, all payments for dependent enrollments must be made online at the time of enrollment.

When is the premium for my dependents due?

Payment is due in full for the semester at the time of enrollment.  

  • For newborns, the premiums will be prorated to the month in which the newborn is enrolled.  For example, if the newborn is enrolled in February, premiums will be calculated from February forward.

Is the health insurance plan benefits the same for students and dependents?

Yes, Berkeley SHIP offers the same medical, dental and vision benefits to students and dependents. For more information on the benefits under the plan, please see SHIP benefits

Does coverage for my dependents automatically renew each term?

No, dependents must be re-enrolled each term. It is the student’s responsibility to enroll prior to the enrollment deadline listed on the Insurance for Dependents page. No reminder will be sent to students or dependents covered under the plan.

What if my dependent has a qualifying event during this term?

A Qualifying Life Event is a major life change that may affect your health insurance needs. Qualifying Life Events may make your dependent eligible for a special enrollment period outside the open enrollment period. Please click here for more information about eligibility and how to proceed.

Am I required to enroll my eligible dependents under Berkeley SHIP?

No, dependent enrollment in this plan is voluntary.

Can I enroll my dependents in a different coverage period than myself?

No, dependents must be enrolled for the same term of coverage for which the Insured Student enrolls. Dependent coverage expires concurrently with that of the Insured Student and Dependents must re-enroll when coverage terminates to maintain coverage.

Can my dependents seek services at the Tang Center?

Effective May 1, 2020, SHIP Dependents 18 and over can use some services at the Tang Center. Please see the listing of services for more details. 

SHIP dependents also have the option to seek services outside the Tang Center. 

Do my dependents need a referral from the Tang Center to receive services from other providers?

No, referrals are not required for dependents. 

Have more questions about dependent enrollments?

Contact the UC Berkeley SHIP Office:

Phone: (510) 642-5700
Fax: (510) 642-9119