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Employee Assistance Frequently Asked Questions

Are Employee Assistance services confidential?

Employee Assistance is a voluntary, confidential service. The counselor does not share information about you or your visits with anyone outside of Employee Assistance without your consent, or as required by law.

Is there a fee to access Employee Assistance services?

Employee Assistance is a free service for UC Berkeley and Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory faculty, staff, scientists, visiting scholars, and post docs. There is no cost to utilize Employee Assistance Services. If you would like to access ongoing therapy outside of Employee Assistance, our counselors will work closely with you to choose a service that is covered by your health insurance.

Can I use Employee Assistance services more than once?

You may continue to utilize Employee Assistance services as needed during your employment at UC Berkeley and Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory.  

What type of appointments does Employee Assistance offer?

Appointments are offered in-person or virtually (video or phone). In-person appointments take place on the 3rd floor of University Health Services, Tang Center at 2222 Bancroft Way in Berkeley.

Can my job status be impacted if I use Employee Assistance services?

No.  Utilizing Employee Assistance is never part of job performance or disciplinary decisions. 

How do I make an appointment?

You can request an appointment by calling 510-643-7754 or emailing employeeassistance@berkeley.edu

How long is a typical Employee Assistance session?

Employee Assistance sessions are scheduled for 60 minutes.

Can I schedule an appointment for someone else?

In order to maintain confidentiality, we do not allow individuals to schedule appointments for someone else. If an individual you care about is interested in and eligible for services, they are encouraged to contact us directly. You can also call with the individual on the phone or walk with the individual to our office to help them connect directly with us.

Do I have to use Employee Assistance if my supervisor refers me for services?

While supervisors may refer and recommend Employee Assistance to their employees, they cannot mandate that employees utilize this service. Utilization of EA services is strictly voluntary.

Can Employee Assistance certify leave requests?

No.  Employee Assistance cannot complete leave paperwork. This needs to be completed by outside healthcare providers. 

Can I get legal advice through Employee Assistance?

Employee Assistance does not offer legal advice services. Faculty and staff enrolled in UC Berkeley’s ARAG legal benefits may use this benefit to access legal advice. 

Can Employee Assistance assist me with finding a mental health clinician?

Yes, Employee Assistance can support you with finding a mental health clinician for ongoing therapy as well as other supportive resources. 

Do I have to make an appointment with an Employee Assistance counselor if I want a referral for ongoing therapy?

You do not need to make an appointment with an Employee Assistance counselor in order to receive a referral for ongoing therapy. However, an Employee Assistance counselor can assist with finding an available provider.

Can I schedule an appointment with other family members?

Employee Assistance offers appointments for couples, however, we do not provide family therapy between parents and children or siblings.

Are family members eligible to use Employee Assistance services?

Your significant other and dependent, adult children are eligible for EA services. EA counselors are unable to provide direct services to children under the age of 18 however they can help with referrals and resources for children.

How can I receive notifications for upcoming events, announcements and newsletters?

You can receive our newsletter, notifications about our upcoming events, and service announcements by joining our Employee Assistance listserv